Thursday, June 16, 2005

His luminosity is revealed when the lights are diminished

Lots of redonk links today:

--Does he really become mentally unstable at the mere audio presence of a cymbal and a high-hat? Read all of the implausible claims made by Vanilla Ice in His 1990 No. 1 Hit "Ice Ice Baby."


--If you need to quickly close this blog, or any other, when the boss comes around, be sure to employ this window-closing device, found by Boles.


--Ever wonder about that wacky lookin "e-store" around the corner from my crib.

Apparently they sell your stuff for you on ebay, and then take a cut of the profits. Why not just list your stuff on craigslist?


--The triumph comic dog CD is actually high-larious and kept me entertained throughout the trek to Delaware last weekend. You can check out his new insults against the Michael Jackson Supporters and American Idol whackjobs here.


--In a more relevant list piggybacking off the last post, in which we learned that Jesus recycles people, I have also learned that Jesus saves. The good people at McSweeney’s have identified just how he saves, including cutting his own hair (but not often).


--All the patriotic middle Americans should also pay tribute to our greatest national resource, the American dinosaur. Watch the movie here: Crappin' glory on Iraq.


--Finally, Donkies(eys) Football ended well but the season wasnt as great as we hoped; Donkies Soccer is a powerhouse, but we are currently in the elite division and every games is battle; Donkies Softball was great in montgomery county but we struggled in the DC division; so instead we found a sport we could dominate. The RHCK/Donkies/eys/ Kickball team finished in first place out of 16 teams and we hold the #1 seed in the playoffs beginning next week. Donkies are takin over.


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