Monday, January 15, 2007


If was not great enough, Fimoculous has uncovered Simplistic Links, a website that does findthatshow one better by also including FULL LENGTH MOVIES.
Although most of the movies are of the youtube variation and thus broken down into 10 minute segments, it is still full of great stuff. As an example, Here is the entire Borat movie which I have yet to watch.
Some of the other Donkies(eys) and I have a yearly tradition of cutting out of work at 1:00 on MLK day to catch the Zards matinee game...but never before has it quite paid off like this... the “Takeover Season” continued today for Agent Zero as another Daggger was dropped. Gil Zero did it again droppin over 50 points on the formidable Utah Jazz and more importantly draining another deep three pointer at the buzzer to give the Wiz yet another win.

In the mid 90's HTS style - “Agent Zero - you da man you da man”

At the last UFC pay-per-view, Chuck Lidell surprised few by KnockingTFO of Tito Ortiz and retaining the light-heavyweight belt, but the big news to me was the signing of the second best heavyweight in the world, Pride’s Mirko Cro Cop – a beast straight out of streetfighter...check it out below:

From one of the best fighters , here is Deadspin’s choice for the worst sports fight ever, and I cannot disagree.
Tons of good NFL games this weekend, but the highlight for everyone I watched the game with was the featuring of the "Fuck Da Eagles" girl on national TV...who didnt rewind their tivo for that, fuck da eagles indeed.
Since the last Iraq-centric post, Bush has announced his long awaited decision to “surge” more troops into Iraq. This is not just opposed by Democrats but by almost all reasonable people.

I watched another AMAZING Iraq documentary this weekend, Operation Dreamland, in which they followed about 10 of our troops during their time in Fallujah. While I havent been able to find the whole thing online yet, I did find this scene in which we get a glimpse as to how the soldiers are berated once they make it known to their superior officers that they do not plan to re-enlist.... "you’re gonna be sittin on the street homeless in a cardboard box". Riiiight.

The only argument left for the surge is that if we pull out of Iraq all kinds of horrible things could happen in the neighborhood including a region-wide Sunni vs. Shia war possibly involving Iran, Syria, and even Turkey. While this superficially sounds like a reasonable justification to support the President’s plan, the problem is that while this escalation throughout the region may occur if we leave, Bush’s plan to put in 25,000 more troops will not prevent it from occurring. Meanwhle, and more of our people will keep dying while we delay the innevitable. In fact, this “surge” only puts our troop level back to the same point it was a few years ago and will not reverse our fortunes in Iraq. The best that this surge can do is delay any potential disastrous consequences for a few months or years, while we continue to lose more and more American lives while we wait, and that is unacceptable.


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Another great example of your superior internets skillz for finding that old school video of the Bullets “you da man”.


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