Sunday, October 29, 2006

New Next Week: 6 Senators, 15 Reps., 1 QB, and 1 Coach

I asked. You answered. I’m back.
He hath revealed himself in the skies of Hamburg Germany. That is right the Flying Spaghetti Monster has apparently arisen and revealed himself to the German people.

Now we just need the Germans Banana Hands and the Milky Pirate to pen a song about the FSM instead of their non-normal hands

Banana Hands and Milky Pirate may have some nice dance moves, but this little guy surely has them both beat:

You can catch more of his antics here and here, and the little guy even has his own blizzog.

For only fifteen thousand, I can get Rilo Kiley to play my wedding? You should see some of the poo poos that cost $3,500.00
MLS news: A great dummy followed toe poke put DC United into the Eastern Conference finals tonight. We need to get a donkies-tailgate going for the next home game.

I was watching the DC United game a couple of weeks ago, and after United secured the best record in the league, during the game, they pulled a bunch of players. At that point I figured all of the excitement in this 0-0 game was concluded and then - out of nowhere - Brian Ching pulled THIS MOVE off. Wow, the US team is gonna need some of that next time around.

In searching for that amazing goal by Ching, I came across a goal by Donkies-jersey-wearing C. Ronaldo who, in the same week, basically one-upped Ching by assisting himself on a bycicle kick.

Two of the best goals I’ve ever seen.
Even after his “record setting” performance a couple weeks ago, I poo-pooed Mark Brunell’s skills as a quarterback on this here blog. Then after one actually respectable game against Jacksonville, my analysis looked a little off. But the last few weeks have once again proven that you can never go wrong as a football commentator by dissing the ever-eroding skills Mark Boo-nell. He might be a bottom five qb in the whole league.

Watch Brunell’s exploits in this amazing cartoon depiction of Brunell and Gibbs

Is there anyway that when we replace 15 - 20 Republicans in the House of Reps and 6 Republican Senators next week, we can also vote out 2 more bible-thumping republicans - Gibbs and Brunell.
In my continuing effort to get the internet to replace your TV. Here is every single episode of the US version of the Office. Best sitcom....ever?
Many of these redonulous links found through “the Internets” while using “The Google”.

Bush loves “The Google
Finally here is today’s worst person in the world: drug addled gasbag RL...I said there are only two more weeks with these guys in total control right?


At 9:07 PM, Blogger Jason said...

lil man is a beast..!! all good stuff... keep them coming...

At 8:45 AM, Blogger dumpoplex said...

that little guy is awesome!

...I wish I was him.


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