Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Freedom! Have you voted for a Democrat yet today?

First off, stop reading this and go vote for a Democrat.

I have never played Grand Theft Auto, or any other video game in about 10 years. But this commercial is played so many times on comedy central that I get caught singing Phil Collins at full blast throughout my house....damn thing gets stuck in my head even though I’m usually fastforwarding through commercials.
what’s poppin? Isnt that what you guys say? What’s poppin?

Did the postal service make Phil Collins cool aga.....err...for the first time? No not really.

Sheees An Eeeeasy looover
The skins beat Dallas this weekend, for the third time in four tries, no thanks to Mark Poonell, who kept trying to throw the game away. But huge props to Clinton “Janky Spanky” Portis. Are the rumors true that he is celebrating with Deelishis from the Flava Flav show?
Anyway, scroll down that blog post for even more juicy skins gossip, the very worst (and highest paid) safety in the league is dating a pretty monay Playmate
The DC United tailgate was a blast, Bolivian steaks are money, but despite about 90-1 shot advantage, DC couldnt break through and Defeat the NE Revolustion.
According to Cracked, the reason may lie in the fact that jesus was over at Fed Ex field and couldnt make it 5 miles over to RFK in time for the game. Jesus is a winner

If you are still reading the traditional Washington Post sports section online, stop. This DC Sports “Bog” by Dan Steinberg is amazing and links to all the news you need to read from all the local and national media.
What if Democratic media talking-heads decided to stop debating on issues and facts and started trying to act like Republican shills Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, etc. Well Cliff Schecter has decided to take just that position and go on CNN and MSNBC as the Limbaugh of the Left. He decides to use the same idiotic rhetoric that these fools on the right use every day, such as saying Republicans have cut and run on our troops (which they have). Make sure you watch all the way through as he starts calling Republicans perverted pedophiles who are all addicted to drugs. It is all really good and funny stuff, and while Schecter may look a little (ok maybe more than a little) foolish, this is actually what Republican talking heads have been doing for years, and what actually poses as serious commentary when done by Hannity on Fox News...and the media has been somehow respecting them as sentient beings.

This is no different than what Limbaugh, Hannity, etc do every day and yet Limbaugh gets spots on CBS news, and ESPN and Coulter gets on the cover of national magazines and national bestsellers. I wonder if those assholes think it is so funny when it is done back to them. Can we all recognize that this is no way to discuss politics and have everyone debate actual issues....only problem is that Democrats would lose this Schecter guy and Republicans would lose just about every single one of their national media figures.
Oh and you can have your own IM chat with Mark Foley, simply add foleyIMbot to you AOL IM list. HE doesnt log on much anymore, but when he does it is golden.


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