Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Straighten my new mind's eye

Does anybody know where I can get a flying spaghetti monster tree ornament for my side of the tree. This tree topper looks good,but Im not that crafty. Im also considering hanging some beakers, bunsen burners, or evolution type stuff.
In my four years at JMU (and three years of weekends back there during law school), I thought we had every variation of beer pong down, but we NEVER got around to the father-son dunk contest. I don’t think literary giants at Gorilla Mask could have set up THIS CLIP any better:
“Reason number eight million why "Dad's Weekend" is the best time you'll have at college: Balding, shirtless old men executing table-crushing beer pong dunks.”
If the Colbert Report can coin the term "truthiness,” why cant Redonkulous Links invent and popularize the term “donkiness.” According to Wikipedia, after its use by Colbert, “Truthiness was selected by the American Dialect Society as the 2005 Word of the Year, and by The New York Times as one of nine words that captured the spirit of 2005.”

“Donkiness” is the next big thing - pay attention New York Times.
This blog is ALREADY the number one hit on the Dutch Google for the term "donkiness," and the international phenomenon is ready to explode. We are #1 in the Netherleands - Cant you just imagine all the Ducth children returning to their windmills after playing some Total Football, kicking off their wooden shoes, and using “The Google” to research some donkiness....good stuff.
Here are the first five episodes of the brilliant-but-cancelled sitcom Arrested Development

I always thought this show was good but felt like I was missing something or that I was somehow not “in” on some of the jokes. Well watching the first episode alone seems to have cleared up a lot of that.
Via fimoculous, A random Mitch Hedberg quote generator...fun for hours
Bst episode ever of Dateline NBC’s “to catch a predator
Here are my continuing efforts to have your internet replace your TV --- or at least give you something to do during "down time" at work.

Fimoculous (yes him again) linked this comparison of many of the embedable video players, that are located all around the interwebs. While the post examines the quality of these various players, I am just happy to learn that there are so many more Youtube clones that I can browse for sweet sweet content. Don’t you still remember when the best distraction on your computer was minesweeper.

Speaking of online video as distraction, I have now taken to playing full length documentaries on my work computer whenever I am doing work that is not super thought-intensive or whenever im stuck with busy work. I have found that Videosift is a great tool for finding these documentaries, and here are a few goodies I’ve foound

Making of Sgt. Pepper

Baghdad ER

Tons of Docs from comic genius, Bill Hicks

The unseen Beatles

The Road to Guantanamo
I don’t know if Rock Star Joe and the Giant are doing their annual music lists, but I think that M. Ward is taking the lead right now as my album of the year, even though I have not personally met a single other person who listens to him.


At 7:26 AM, Blogger rockstarjoe said...

I will definitely be making my list, and I might even update my blog in the new year ;)

Thanks for the documentaries. I needed something to do today.

At 7:27 PM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

Wow. That M. Ward jounx is nice. You really do leave me no reason to visit YouTube.

Oh, and the list is getting sorted out right now...

At 9:37 AM, Blogger IMOAN said...


how's that for holiday lights!

At 11:04 AM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

That...is....awesome (Chris Farley voice)

(((Wow you guys must really know what I like, RockstarJoe linked to the exact same thing in the next post)

AWESOME it is. Jealous I am.


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