Wednesday, September 14, 2005

There's no structured narrative. No neat story-line to explain.

Anybody want to hear some in-your-face comedy from a shock-jock type crazy man, then DO NOT go to the Todd Barry show at the Improv this week. This laid-back “medium energy” comic is funny as 8 muggs but he is not gonna jump around like a clown for your amusement. If you wanna hear a self professed “blogger friendly” comedian who rips on me for loving the new Wilco album, then Todd Barry is your guy.

A bunch of donkies(eys) will be at the Thursday night show if anybody is down.


Speaking of comedians, with Ron and Fez off to XM radio, WJFK is auditioning a bunch of people for the night-slot. This week we are getting Colin Quinn and Nick Dipaolo, and they have already stated that they want to stay in DC at that spot. Even though Colin Quinn continuously trips over his own words and his monologues on Tough Crowd were sometimes cringe-inducing as he stumbled and bumbled, these are a couple of funny-ass dudes and I hope they are here to stay. Plus could you ever have enough veterans of remote control around? I think not. Where is Kari Whurer?


Krazy Katrina Link of the day:

The wonderful citizen who yelled “Go Fuck Yourself Mr. Cheney,” twice, to Cheney’s face, on national TV, has started his own website. Hurricane Katrina Sucked Dot Com. He is an emergency room doctor who had his home ravaged in the hurricane.
You can see his comments to “Mr. Cheney” here and here .

If you are thinking that it was innapropriate to use those words in front of the vice-president, I direct you do Cheney’s comments to Senator Leahy.

According to the Washington Post, the exchange ended when Cheney offered some crass advice: "Go fuck yourself." The Washington Times put it this way: "Cheney...responded with a barnyard epithet, urging Mr. Leahy to perform an anatomical sexual impossibility."


Google has released a beta version of its blog search
Obviously it still needs some work, because a search for “Donkies” does not reveal the Donkies family of blogs as the top results. No love for the first place Donkies football team, first place Donkies kickball team, first place Donkies fantasy football team, or second place Donkies soccer team. Between all of those teams there are only 2 losses.


The definitive guide to summer 2005 weddings. I only have about 4 more to hit up this summer.

Song #5-
"Oh What a Night, Late December 1963: Frankie Valley and the Four Seasons.
This is by far the biggest wedding song mystery to me. How did this stupid, not particularly danceable song about a teenager losing his virginity in the winter work it’s way into the rotation of nearly every wedding I have ever attended? Baffling."


At 7:46 PM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

Quin and Dipoalo ! That's awesome ! They are a branch of the O&A comedy syndicate. I am glad to hear that Nick D is coming up. His insensitive un-pc humor is funny as a mugg. Quin is a bumbling idiot but when there is another good comedian around he is a great wingman.
Keep me updated on the shows progress.

At 7:11 AM, Blogger BWS said...

I was loook forward to your posts. I was upset that this blog did not lean all the way over to the left! Just one little comment about someone else comments and no rant? Your kickball and Wilco listening is getting the way of your Bush bashing research.

At 12:16 PM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

I think endorsing someone who told Cheney to go F himself amounts to a lefty post.

At 8:09 AM, Anonymous imsmall said...


"Go fuck yourself" Dick Cheney says
So very erudite--
But such a comment never plays
Upon the news at night
When it is yelled a thousandfold
By angry citizens and bold.

"Go fuck yourself" upon the floor
Of the USA Senate,
Quoth Dick, master of crude rapport,
Held fast as any tenet
By all his crew (like on the Web
The famous finger; ´tis not Jeb).

´Tis you, America, accept
This kind of crudity
In speaking; have grown most adept
All dressed in nudity
Like as that famous emperor
Whom none would tell, his ass was bare.

"Go fuck yourself," with these elected
You ought to be ashamed--
So liberties go unprotected:
Is free speech to be claimed
But for your glib obscenities?
Spare me the histrionics, please.

Dick Cheney and his motley crew
Are very much like me and you
(But more like you, I dare to hazard;
This brave new world where men are tasered
For speaking out, you have created--
Obscenities but tolerated).


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