Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Since that day my livin’ room’s been more comfortable

I applaud this poor guy for trying to make something out of a bad situation.

Sorry today's post is devoid of the fun and redonkulous links that usually occupy this space. My next post will get back to the good times that you all have to know and love. But for one day we gotta at least deal with this Hurricane, and feel for this poor bastard who is just tryin to sip on some Heineken's while is town vanishes.

Hurricane Katrina is awful beyond words, I cannot even begin to describe the pictures and video I have been looking at in the past couple days.
You could find ways to help, or show sympathy for those who have lost, but instead the “tough-on-crime” and “law-and-order-first” idiots over at the conservative “National Review” are calling for the scalps of the looters. Yes, I believe this is the first evacuation of a major US city since the civil war, but what these clowns seem most worried about are the looters who have grabbed a boombox or bottle of Absolut. Give me a fucking break

The city is a swimming pool, pardon me if I’m not worried about a misdemeanor burglary charge against a poor sap who stole a TV after his entire house and all of his personal belongings are washed away. The city will be un-liveable for months but I am supposed to be concerned about this guy who grabs a six-pack while he waits perched on his roof for a rescue copter to come save him.

Its seems like every conservative commentator on the “prestigious” NRO site has called for the lynching and beheading of the looters. Take a look.

Iain Murry quotes from his “college contemporary” who claims that the people taking jewellry (sic) and electronics “should all be f***ing shot, in my view

Meanwhile, head-NROer Jonah Goldberg favorably quotes an NRO reader who wishes Brian Williams would “call it as it is” by stating “"There're some looting scum, let's hope theNational Guard shoots them.”

Finally, Rich Lowry forgoes the old “I heard this from a reader/friend trick" and states that he himself applauds the Missippi governor for promising to deal with the looters “ruthlessly,” calling them “sub-human,” and teaching them “a lesson they wouldn't soon forget.”

This is pure idiocy from the leading online-conservative journal (big shocker I know).

These are the same pundits who want to keep our jails packed with non-violent offenders who were caught with a dime bag of marijuana or a single crack rock, instead of offering drug rehab. What a waste of resources and time. Don’t tell me that you have no sympathy for these looters, when we cant even imagine what they are going through right now as their city floats away.

Why don’t we take a look at the guy in the above picture again and imagine his plight, before we decide to shoot him, hang him, or “teach him a lesson.” Many of the people still stranded in New Orleans were told to evacuate days ago, but a bunch these poor stranded folks have no car or 40-ft yacht, and thus could not have very easily evacuate their homes. Also, imagine the plight of those car-less folks who have a sick or elderly person living among the other 10 people in their one bedroom apartment. It certainliy is not easy for those people to simply evacuate at the first news warnings of a flood. As a result, these people are stuck waiting around and hoping it doesnt hit them directly, and WHAM it does.

Now this poor sap in the picture has probably lost all of his possessions, his house, and may be missing a family member and you want to jail (or shoot) him for stealing some beer. Once again, give me a fucking break.

If you are poor your entire life, you live in the ghetto of New Orleans, you have no bank account, and the $500 in your shoebox just washed away in a flood, I personally give you permission to steal a few Heinekens while you ride out the storm. Drink up on me buddy, you have an excuse to swimlift that case of Natural Ice.

Look at his poor guy. He’s got Heinekens everywhere, even in his back pocket - just in case he makes it through all of the busket before the rescue boats come. (“Look man you got a Benz, I got a Busket.... A busket?! Gimme the Busket”) He is going soo bald on top of his head that he has decided to grow some long bushy mess in the back to throw off those who are trying to figure it out. His busket of beer is so heavy that he cant even grab the probably delicious and soggy batch of chocolate chip cookies floating right next to him. Spare me if I don’t want to rebuild the Court and the Jail before the rest of the city, just so that I can try or execute this poor bastard.

Kick it Ice Cube: “Shooters, looters, Now I got a laptop computer.”


UPDATE: Headlines like this make it a little tougher write off most of the looters as people just trying to survive.
“Mayor Ray Nagin ordered 1,500 police to leave their search-and-rescue mission Wednesday to stop the increasingly-hostile looting,”
This stuff is bad and needs to stop no questions asked. I still think that MOST of what the media is labeling as looting, is really just people trying to get enough supplies to get through the disaster, but as in every situation, there are those who are taking advantage and need to be stopped. When the looting is actually impeding rescue efforts to such a degree as quoted above, drastic measures need to be taken.

But I still disagree that those drastic measures include shooting at every “looter” coming out of a grocery store with some diet pepsi. The majority of the “looters” are not the ones we should be concerned with, there are just a few criminals who were probably criminals before and after the flood. It just pissed me off this morning, that the right wing websites were advancing idea of shooting all the people trying to get clothing from a sporting goods store or food from a grocery.

Maybe I came out to broadly as a “Defender of the lawless looters.” If you think I did, I apologize -- and I agree people stealing from homes and jewlry stores really need to be stopped, but I just got enraged by actually reading mainstream right-wing whacko websites and their racist calls for the murder of looters.

Dont believe that racisim played a part? check out this cartoon

I found this on a simple search for looting and beer on Technorati. Some racist pile of shit nutjob blogger makes a horrible cartoon and it is immediately linked to favorably by mainstream righties like this guy
who is loved by another big time wingnut Lashawn Barber

and they simply label as a “a Photoshop pic that will probably draw some comment”

No, it is a racist horrible cartoon made by a miserable excuse for a person. I hope whoever made that crap has their house looted tonight

That is the kind of stuff that puts me on the side of people they call "looters"
I certainly don’t want to be the Defender of the people who are actually doing real looting but we just have to be real careful about who we are labeling as "looters" and who is merely getting supplies for their family. Most of the people that rightwingnutjobs call looters are people trying to survive while they get no help from the NAtional Guard (who is mostly in Iraq).

See the difference?


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Jason said...

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At 1:28 PM, Blogger Jason said...

I absolutely agree with you, I have no issues with someone looting in order to provide food or clothing for themselves or their families, but when it comes to steeling TVs now that’s a little “Redonkulous” if they just lost there house and 90% of the city in under water and power is out for most of the city and they expect its going to take several months to restore then what the hell are those donkies thinking..?? The looters that should be prosecuted are the ones that stole all the guns & rifles out of the local Wal-Mart..!!

At 1:33 PM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

Yes Spoon-Donkie, I agree that people are beyond stupid for stealing TV's when there will probably be no power for months. That IS just redonkulous. I disagree, with those people who think they should be "shot on sight" under martial law, and I wonder how clearly these people are thinking when everything they own, and maybe even their family, has just been washed away.

At 1:52 PM, Blogger Jason said...

tru, I would imagine that most people are not in their normal mindset, for instant the New Orleans government/officials must be on crack if they really considering enforcing martial law, after all half of the city just watch there house get demolished or even worst witness a lost of a family member..!! Well if they do institute martial law I surly hope they don’t come across the new Wal-Mart Gang-Sta’s..!!

At 8:16 AM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

scottromework: i watched msnbc till 3 am last night and came to the conclusion that i would be looting like a mugg - just to get by
thrillgnf: really
thrillgnf: you would need strereos to loot
scottromework: i hear people are taking jelry and tv's in hopes of trading them for a bottle of water
thrillgnf: right
thrillgnf: i dont believe that
scottromework: makes sense to me
scottromework: there is NOBODY there to help them they are stranded ...its road warrior grab what you can to survive
scottromework: the more you have the longer you may make it
thrillgnf: you should change your name to the looter
thrillgnf: you should change your name to the looter
scottromework: redonkulous looter
thrillgnf: true
scottromework: everytime i would surf past fox news - they were blaming the victims - the looters
thrillgnf: they should blame them for stealing
thrillgnf: it is not like any one is at fault for the flooding
scottromework: its not stealing dude
scottromework: those people would love to get arrested and put in a safe, dry jail with two meals a day
thrillgnf: LOOTING is stealing
scottromework: what is looting
scottromework: is going in the sporting goods store and takin 5 pairs of shoes looting?
thrillgnf: Valuables pillaged in time of war; spoils.
Stolen goods.
scottromework: scottromework: is going in the sporting goods store and takin 5 pairs of shoes looting?
thrillgnf: perhaps it is not a time of war but it is a time of disaster
thrillgnf: yes it is looting if it happens when there is some greater event
scottromework: ok if thats your def of looting then looting does not equal stealing
thrillgnf: that does not allow people to protect their property
thrillgnf: that is definition from
scottromework: who gives a fuck about property when you just shipped your dead husband down the street on a raft
thrillgnf: pillaging is stealing
thrillgnf: if loot is stolen goods
scottromework: this is like post-nuclear fallout and you dont want to go into the store and take shit
thrillgnf: then by extension looting is stealing
scottromework: you seen 28 days later
thrillgnf: yes
thrillgnf: but here is the deal
scottromework: were they looting in that grocery store?
thrillgnf: in a nuclear fallout
thrillgnf: there would be no real way of getting help
thrillgnf: in this case there is still 47 other states in the country that can offer help
scottromework: these people have no way of help
thrillgnf: that is crazy
scottromework: national guard just drives by and they wave
scottromework: they are freaking stranded
scottromework: you see the lady on the overpass with her dead husband
thrillgnf: so then they go and get electronic goods and other high priced items
thrillgnf: makes sense
thrillgnf: yeah i saw that pic
thrillgnf: it waas sad
scottromework: she said the cops came and said we cant help...then he died...then they said move him a way so it doesnt stink
scottromework: now is she allowed to "steal" some blankets and a matress and stuff for him
thrillgnf: NO
thrillgnf: yes she can take that stuff
thrillgnf: but she cant take unnecessary items
scottromework: can she take a diamond necklace in the hopes that someone will give her a blanket for it
thrillgnf: I think that is BS. If someone has a blanket they should just give it to her. why does she need to steal a diamond necklace for a blanket
scottromework: dude i keep tellin you its like road warrior shit
scottromework: you gotta do what you gotta do
thrillgnf: that is whats wrong when accept the worst in human nature. We allow the dregs of society to control society
thrillgnf: fine--then you know what they should arrest those people that are holding water and blankets hostage and asking for high priced items in return
scottromework: yes they should...but peopole will still do you gotta do what you gotta do
scottromework: somebody comes through in a truck...maybe he will let you jump in if you give him the 20 grand you took from the register
thrillgnf: I know people will do what they have to do, it still does not make it right.
scottromework: im taking that 5 grand from the registers, givin it to the truck driver, and gettin in the truck
thrillgnf: yeah and the person who is taking this situation and turn it into a profit should be arrested-he is a horrible human being
scottromework: yes yes no argument there
scottromework: my argument is that the "looters" are not horrible people

At 10:43 AM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

watch this kid get interviewed..amazing stuff

from crooks and liars

"I'm fittin to get me some gas. It aint lootin it's surviving."

At 9:00 PM, Blogger Gerard said...

So that's the reason why Max was mad. He lost his diamond necklace. Too bad Master Blaster had to pay the ultimate price...well at least Blaster did. I think Master survived.

At 7:00 AM, Blogger rockstarjoe said...

I think the point your friend was missing in that IM conversation was that THERE IS NO ONE THERE to arrest anyone. People HAVE to loot because there is no one there. There is no authority, no law enforcement. Where is FEMA? Of course people are gonna steal to survive! They have been abandoned. I've seen things on tv from New Orleans that blew my mind. People with infants that they can't feed because they have no food and water. Horrible things. And this is the US! It is unbelievable. These people blaming the victims make me sick.

At 6:19 PM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

Dude, I didn't realize the situation in No until I read Sydney Morning Herald on Sat. Holy Shit ! The article I red was hammering the Bush Administration. Also it said his approval rating was 48%. This is an awful situation that the govt isn't really handling it to well and the rest of the world loves it ! I am so glad I haven't seen any footage of the mayhem, awful..awful...awful scene.


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