Monday, February 27, 2006

Still I would by lyin', if I said it wasn't easy

I finally got around to watching the final 5 episodes of episodes of arrested development, and the show was damn funny. I say “was funny” because the show is now cancelled so that network telvesion can make room for more stellar shows like Two and a Half Men, My Two (and a half) Dads, Three Men and a Little Dad, According to Jim/Dad, and Yes Dear.

The best character from that show, at least from this season, wins the award just based on name alone -– attorney Bob Loblaw.
Loblaw revealed to me through the magic of DVR that me maintains his Bob Loblaw Law Blog. And guess what people, there really is a real life - Bob Loblaw Law Blog.

Robert Loblaw’s actual law blog is not all that exciting, but it is real and it is amazingly bob loblaw’s law blog. Have I said that name enough yet?
For those of you who think that the Linker has no heart, I have watched this video about 200 times in the past week. So there, I do have a heart.

What an amazing story. An autistic high school student who manages the basketball team is allowed to go in and actually play at the end of the teams final game, and then he hits 6 straight three pointers. I guess they should have used him earlier. The story could bring a tear to the eye of even the most jaded hipster. I don’t think I made 6 three pointers in two seasons of intramural basketball in college.

UPDATE: It looks like CBS is attempting to make YouTube scrub its site of any posting of the CBS autistic basketball player story. Everytime YouTube removes the video, someone else posts it again, so keep checking.

UPDATE 2: The CBS video has been taken down from the site, but CNN videos are popping up and they have a version of the story which is just as good, but without interviews with his parents.
I cringe at the thought of linking to college humor for anything other than videos of student bodies (get it) and drunk idiotic frat guys kicking the shit out of each other, but this post regarding IM away messages actually made me chuckle.

I have to agree that the standard: “I am away from my computer right now,” has to be the laziest and most pointless exercise in all of internet communications. Why even take the time to take two clicks and post that away message when you are walking away from your computer. Isn't much better to have no away message at all. If you insist on putting up an away message then write something, anything. Every away message brings up that little yellow notepad that induces people to check on what you are doing and then it reads "I am away..." What the fuck? Why even waste time putting it up if you dont want people to know what you are doing, then just dont put up an away message and your name will fade to a lighter shade. Even if you are not the best or most creative writer I would think that you could find the wit to post "lunch" “sleeping,” or “finding more ways to be unoriginal.”
If you are at all a fan of alt-country, and I can never get enough of the stuff, you have to check out the Aquarium Drunkard.
First of all, great name for a blog -- I too am an american aquariam drinkerSecond, it is the most amazing music blog I have ever seen. From the blog radio on the right margin to playable songs throughout the blog, it is like a jukebox of amazing rare songs that can travel with me wherever I go. Just like "You tube" lets you play video within a blog, this website allows you to play his selected songs in the page just by pressing play. Badass. Now I just need to figure out how to make them all play consecutively, as opposed to restarting each song each time.

The music on the blog contains all the usual suspects from my music collection. If you are also into the same altcountryiffic, rocksnob, pretentious, slightly boring (if you ask others), but amazing music that I listen, then you should check it out. The most recent posts, as of today, include songs from the incredible Gram Parsons tribute album, Ryan Adams, Wilco, Alejandro Escovedo, and all of the crap that I dig so much.
Sarunas Jsdlkjsldakjscus is a beast of a point guard, and is apparently friends with Von Wafer and Charlie Villanueva on friendster
How many times can Gilbert Arenas do this? Judging by the number of times it has played on my computer and tv since last year’s playoffs - a lot. YES!! Dont look now but the Wizards are playing better than any other Wizards/Bullets team that I can remember.
And now for what some consider to be the boring, wackjob-liberal, dull, political portion of today’s post. If you are bored by political content and/or hostile towards people who use the words progressive, or “and/or” then you can simply stop reading at this point.

Godfather of the conservative movement, William F Buckley, in the conservative rag that he founded states “One can't doubt that the American objective in Iraq has failed.

So it has finally come to this. Now everyone agrees with those crazy Michael Moore liberals and Jack Murtha, that we need to get out and are doing more harm than good over there.

In other recent Bush administration news, Bush’s deal to sell management of some of our biggest internaitonal ports to the UAE, without a sufficient security check, may have collapsed, as politicians from both parties have moved to block this move by the Bush Administration. It turns out that the deal may have been just another attempt to satisfy the Bush's big business cronies, and possibly at the expense of our national security.

Well those two "new" facts (not new to me) 1) that our Iraq policy has only succeeded in bringing out more terrorists and creating a better meeting place for the terrorists, and 2) that our willingness to protect national security is actually second to helping big business cronies of the President -- finally shatter the finaly MYTH of GWBush. Wow, Bush is not the strong president whose tough stance on terrorists and national security is the only option for making our contry safer? You mean he’s not actually making us safer?

If you are still a conservative then that is your choice. My only question: Why are there still Bush supporters. Anyone? Anyone?
Comments welcome as always. Those new people who claimed to be RDL fans this weekend, comment away.


At 5:33 AM, Blogger IMOAN said...

I think I read somewhere that Arrested Development is moving to Showtime.

thanks for the music post!

At 7:36 AM, Blogger rockstarjoe said...

Great post as usual... but I can't get the youtube link to work. I want to watch it. Can you post the URL? Thanks!

At 8:39 AM, Blogger BWS said...

Who knew you had a heart. Hmm, you have to teach me how to be funny. I will teach you how to be deep! Very rare that I can read something this left and still enjoy it and see the value in the opinion.

At 10:20 AM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

Yeah it seems like big chunks of the YouTube site are down today. Hopefully it will be back up and running soon.


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