Thursday, February 23, 2006

That's why I mess with you Xzibit

Everyone knows I love RSS aggregators, and anything that helps me from having to open the 30 blogs I read each day is great. So I was hunting around on Digg and I stumbled across a google feature that is even cooler than google reader, and just about as cool as My Yahoo. It is a way to personalize your google homepage

Now I can embed my new gmail account into my homepage and surround it with a ton of my other bookmarks. Good stuff.
So SCG asked for some suggestions on American TV to download... Gotta go with The Boondocks. Check out this clip, guest starring Samuel L Jackson and Charlie Murphy and watch Sam Jackson go all Pulp Fiction on the gangsta. Click on the small play button at the bottom to watch it within this window.

Imoan found an example of the spaghetti monster breaking into high fashion in Paris (with Fry Guy). It looks to me like this is no joke. The FSM is spreading everywhere
Many people saw Bill O'Reilly get bitchslapped by David Letterman of all people but how many people saw badass Steve Colbert take on Conan and take no prisoners.

Best Winter Olympics summary ever
Destination Donkey (blog in the works) points out that the Donkey family actually has a family crest. Allert all donkeys to this.
“The name Donkey is derived from the Gaelic personal name "Donnchad," which means "brown warrior.”

Ok so Cheney was either drunk when he shot that guy or as Franken said, a horrific asshole.
Let me recap, first Chenery sent out his people to blame the victim and claim that it was the guys own fault that Cheney mistook him for a bird, and stated that their was absolutely NO alcohol involved.

Then we learn from Cheney that “I had a beer at lunch.” Riiiight.
Will has been known to have "one beer" and has had similar results. Check out his opinion.

Next we learn that Cheney did not go to the hospital or call the President after shooting they guy, BUT instead after the accident occurred, "the vice president fixed himself a cocktail back at the house."

As for drinking directly after the accident, it seems that experienced DWI lawyers will tell you that that is exactly what you are supposed to do if you are ever involved in an accident after drinking, that way if you get interviewed or tested you can plausibly claim that all the alcohol in your system came AFTER the incident and not before.

So this is a guy who has had two DOCUMENTED DWI’s and was reportedly kicked out of Yale for drinking and who has ADMITTED to drinking before AND after the incident, claims it was a routine hunting accident. Yes seems to me like a routine drunken hunting accident.

Can we all just agree that he was drunk, or that the one beer he had at lunch was about 80 ounces. By refusing to go to the hospital and instead goin back to drink he has establised that he was either drunk, an evil prick, or a drunk evil prick.
Maybe Cheney needs a drinking buddy that he cant hurt if he decides to shoot him.


At 6:42 PM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

The Boondocks it is. Thanks dude. Between that and Aqua Teen Hunger Force ( number one in the hood G ) I'll be straight. But keep the suggestions coming so I can spend prime time on my laptop watching good shows instead of cringing through Australia's Biggest Loser or McCleod's Daughters.


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