Friday, September 15, 2006

I called you liar, but how right you were

As predicted everywhere, the most popular channel on youtube - webcam girl lonleygirl15 - was a complete fake. All it took was the NY Times, LA Times, and some good myspace detective work to out her. Once the myspace detectives found her out, it was not long before her personal pictures got posted on livejournal and youtube, and by last night the real lonelygirl was inexplicably dancing with Tucker Carlson on Jay Leno and Youtube. Ahhh the internets.
You want donkey sports, these are donkey sports.

After a big win in our opening game last week, donkies football wants to practice this Saturday at 9 am. What the fuck? Practice? Not a game, practice. Not the game, not a game....practice. Tell 'em Iverson.

Now on his 23rd version of the apology, Senator George "Macaca" Allen, is still attempting to excuse his mocking of anyone darker than me, and his history of displaying the confederate flag. So as a further attempt to show his turnaround, George Allen has hosted a rally (no sheets on the head this time, its not his usual kind of rally). Everyone come see George Allen's brown people outreach rally. What a freaking idiot. If you're in VA, vote Jim Webb.
As pointed out by Steregum, the latest battleground in the east-coast west-coast hip hop battles has been revealed..... flip flops. I am not shitting you, the thugs are now battling over the appropriateness of flip flops. flip flops.
My guess for the next internet phenomenon after Lonelygirl is the girl with the huge teeth from the snorg tees ads on myspace. I thought I was the first one on this bandwagon, but apparently there is already a fansite for snorgtees girl and they have tracked down her myspace page
I will now try to close each post with a music video. If my laptop had the ability to sing it would probably sound and look like this. .

Some guy programmed this Grandaddy video on an old school Apple II from 1979 and posted it on his website. Then Grandaddy approved it as the official video for the song. While I admit that most people would not even label this electronic mess a "song," I really like it for some reason.
My hero Stephen Colbert has picked up on Senator Macaca's Ethnic Rally:


At 6:21 AM, Blogger dumpoplex said...

Allen is a debacle. He had a witty exchange with a TV reporter on his heritage
that the Washington Post wrote about

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Snorg Tees girl is named Alice, and she rules the universe.


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