Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I am going to continue leading off with the Washington Bullets/Wizards until I am given a reason not to do so. Behind Agent Zero and Caron Butler, the Wizards continue to keep the internet goin’ nutz like Paul Wall. As of this moment they have sole possession of first place in the entire eastern conference, and are ranked as high as three in various power polls.

I was given great seats to last Wednesday’s buzzer beater against the Knicks, and Donkey McDonkerton got us skybox tix for tonight’s sure-to-be-blockbuster game against the streaking Phoenix Suns. This game truly has the net goin nuts as I have seen about 15 articles just this morning, Bill Simmons has already called the Suns the greatest thing since MJ’s Bulls, the Post's Sports Bog has promised a full day of coverage regarding this game. The buzz for this regular season, monday night, meaningless, pre-allstar break, regular season, game is beyond almost any basketball game in this town since Maryland's last National Championship run.
In what Stephen Colbert referred to as the greatest crossover since the Fintstones met the Jetsons, Colbert and Bill O’Reilly appeared on each others shows last week, and it was just weird. It was difficult to tell if O’Reilly even actually realized that Colbert’s whole shtick was to simply mock him It was almost as if Bill-O thought that they were a couple of comedians riffing with each other and not one guy laughing AT the other.

“SC (with a smirk): Its the New York Times Bill! They are haters.
B.O. (deadly serious): “They are. They are scum.”

Here is Colbert on Bill-O, Bill-O on Colbert, and a long interview with Colbert at the Harvard institute of politics, in which he presents them with a framed picture of Bill-O.
This guy was just signed by the UFC and is fighting on Spike TV this week, it may be an exciting fight, but not if someone tries to kiss him before the bell....then its over.

Here is a lengthy video of Ricky Gervais interviewing Larry David, including some highlarious clips from Curb . Comedic geniuses they are.
I have heard rumblings about a local documentary on drug kingpin Rayful Edmonds, and have finally found it online. The re-enacted portions are horrible, part 2 or 8 is missing, a lot of the dialogue is cheesy, and the doc tries way too hard to make Rayful look like a hero, but despite all of that it is pretty entertaining for any resident of DC, at least to hear the stories of Rayful dating moses malone’s girl, closing down Georgetown stores, and hanging at Houston’s in Georgetown. I have yet to watch the whole thing, but if you want to here is your link.
For years we were hearing about all the scary things that those wacky libruls would do if they took over Congress, and I called bullshit from the beginning. Months ago Democrats announced what they would actually do if they actually won IN THEIR FIRST 100 LEGISLATIVE HOURS, and it was the biggest chunk of sensible legislation that I had ever seen - (1) Expanding stem cell research (thus promoting science over extremist religion); (2) Enacting the recommendations of the 911 Commission (I have no freaking clue why the Republicans could never manage to do this); (3) Increasing the minimum wage (the republican congress could only give themselves continuous raises and not the average working Americans they actually worked for); (4) Negotiating for lower prescription drug prices (instead of merely giving subsidies to the big pharmaceutical companies, at least this is a step in the right direction); (5) Cutting interest rates on Student Loans (I am personally grateful for this one); and (5) Ending subsidies for big oil and investing in renewable energy (these, again, are no-brainers).

Well if you look over at the checklist on Stenny Hoyer’s website you can see that the Democrats were successful in passing all five of these measures, but not in 100 hours...soner. The clock is now at 40 hours and all 5 items are marked off the checklist, by my math that is actually less than half the time predicted to pass everything. Wow, politicians who actually go above and beyond their promises- isnt that a change.


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