Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cheese up in my 40 too

I really don’t have anything against Mexicans or the “Mexican invasion.” Will hot dogs soon be replaced by tacos? Baseball replaced by Soccer? and jim beam replaced by tequila? .....I hope so, tacos are fucking delicious, baseball is more boring than C-span, and jim beam makes me want to puke. So generally I would welcome our new Mexican overlords, but the crap they are pulling on the international soccer stage is starting to piss me off. Great game the other night as Mexico again failed to score on USA soil (or semi-US soil as the game was in Phoenix), however after Landon Donovan put away the clincher in the closing minutes, the Mexican keeper tried some idiotic cleats-up slide to take out Eddie Johnson. Luckily just like on Donovan’s goal, the keeper missed miserably, otherwise I’d be goin to help build that border fence.

Check out the pathetic move at the end of these highlights:

I hate commercials. Hate. I do everything in my, and my DVR’s, power to avoid them. I steadfastly refuse to watch live television, because instead I can watch a one hour show in 40 minutes by waiting 20 minutes and fast forwarding through the commercials. I have pop-up blockers on top of pop-up blockers. In fact, I don’t even think I laughed even once during the few Super Bowl commercials that I actually watched. I was lucky enough to watch the entire first half of Super Bowl on my own personal flat screen 7-inch television on a jet blue flight from Fort Lauderdale, and yet without DVR I still flipped channels instead of watching the commercials (Since everyone around me had the game on, it was incredibly easy to switch channels, see when the action returned, and then flip back to the game).

With all that being said, I actually do enjoy the Geico Caveman that runs 20 times a day on comast sportsnet.

I must admit that I chuckle each and every time he orders the Roast Duck with Mango Salsa. Best Week Ever has found a nice link to the Caveman’s crib and it is pretty hooked-up - take a look. If you look closely you can even find a recipe for the Roast Duck.
Don and Mike come off as such humongous dicks, there is no doubt that they helped in having Peter Rosenberg banished from JFK ....all the way to to DJ’ing at the McDonalds in Adams Morgan.
Hardy har Don Geronimo, laugh it up fucker, Rosenberg has more talent in his ipod than your hack-ass has compiled in 60 years of radio. Don’t believe me? peep the new (sand)Which Boy video tearing up the you tubes

So on Wednesday night with the Wizards game, the USA-Mexico tilt, and the return of Lost I had to keep myself in a little media bubble until Thursday night when I finished watching all three. Sure enough, Lost gave no new answers, but now this video from inside the writers meeting explains it all....oooohhh the smoke monster created the magic turtles
Anyway, I’m (not happy to be) back from the Bahamas. We had a good time brown bagging beers at the Atlantis Hotel in the bahamas, riding scooters around Freeport even when our friends were watching, wearing scooter helments onto the beach, hanging with scuba steve,
watching people make out with stingrays over their heads, hanging on the big boat deck, showing off my skills at cutting a rug, watching the professional photographer coax the girls into holding each others’ arms, and just generally pimping it out on the boat. Great times (all photo credit goes to Spoony D the head paparazzi).


At 9:08 AM, Blogger John said...

Down with baseball and i am all for the taco vs hot dog but dont you dare take my jim beam and his friends johnny and jack...


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