Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cant think of a title...Oh well, Snakes on a Plane

I hope You Tube sticks around but I fear, as do others, that it may soon go the way of napster.

First they cracked down on Lazy Sunday, next they took away the autistic bball movie, damn those copyright laws. They better not crackdown on the Krazee-Eyez Killah episode

Thats right You Tube has the entire Krazee-Eyez Killah episode from Curb Your Enthusiasm. Probably the greatest sitcom episode in cable history.

Catch it now before HBO pulls the plug.

Like every other you tube video, open the browser, pause the movie, minimize browser, wait a while for it to buffer then WATCH AWAY.

You Tube is really user friendly and has left Google Video in the dust.
Only good movie I’ve seen linked to on GV lately is this student film detailing the dangers of actually obeying the law and going 55 or under

Speaking of Lazy Sunday, I'm not sure why they pulled Lazy Sunday from YouTube when it looks like they are going to start doing an almost identical rap parody every week in hopes it gets passed around the internets. This week it was Natalie Portman gangsta rapping and screaming "fuck all night"
Ok so now Guardian is going to start charging for the Ricky Gervais podcast. This is bullshit. What a great podcast it was. If you saw me sitting alone with headphones and laughing like an idiot on the metro or at lunch now you'll know what I’m listening too.

I Guess I will have to find some other podcasts to replace it. Since I have told you about the Music, tv shows, movies, and books that I am down with, here are some of my favorite podcasts, like you care: Gervais (brilliant), Lost official podcast (geeky I know), Morning Sedition (sadly cancelled now that Maron is gone), Penn Gillete show (one amusing libertarian/atheist), Peter Rosenberg show (great mix of hip hop & liberal politics), the Junkies (idiots are very funny),
Deadspin lovingly mocks adult kickball and asks if there is an adult league for Smear the Queer.
I don’t know if there is such a league, but if there was the Donkies would dominate.
One of the best political writers on the internets, Matthew Yglesias, has a personal blog in addition to his political blogs, where he often discusses sports from an intelligent perspective.

This week the great political writer links to a two part email exchange between a great sportswriter Bill Simmons and a great writer in any genre, Malcolm Gladwell.

Gladwell a writer for the New Yorker addresses a number of interesting sports topics including Isiah Thomas and the Knicks, Moneyball, Jake Plummer, Kwame Brown and his baseball meltdown, in his two part discussion with Simmons.

I especially liked his description of the “baseball meltdown”is where he describes how a sport he once loved became shattered when he realized his Blue Jays are competing in the same division with the super-rich Yankees and Red Sox and therefore not competing at all. I had a simlar baseball meltdown in 1996 or 1997 after my orioles lost in the playoffs and then decided to stop spending, and I realized that the sport is all about those who spend a lot vs. those who don’t. Thats not a sport its shopping

Gladwell on the meltdown:
"It came after the Blue Jays (my team) won the second of their World Series titles. Economic reality hit, and they basically stopped trying to compete at the top level, and I wondered to myself: Why do I care so much about a sport where some teams have $200 million to spend and some teams have $20 million to spend? I know, I know -- as Rob Neyer and others point out -- that there is no necessary correlation between payroll and success. It is possible, as "Moneyball" reminds us, to win with less by being smarter. But the point is not that if you have more money than someone else you automatically win more games. The point is that if you have more money that someone else you're playing a different game than they are. Wal-mart is not competing against mom-and-pop corner stores. They're in a different business. And it isn't fun, at the end of the day, to watch a mom-and-pop compete against Wal-mart. It's painful and pointless.
I loved "Moneyball." I thought it was one of the best books of the past decade. I think it should be taught in psychology classes and business schools as a treatise on the subtle effects of bias on expert decision-making. But do you think that Billy Beane, for a moment, wouldn't trade his situation with Theo Epstein or Cashman? To me, the hard cap in football -- and, to a lesser extent, the soft cap in basketball -- are what makes those sports so interesting. It's what makes them sports. Contests where one player has significantly more resources than another are not sports. They are marketplaces. To root for the Yankees or the Red Sox is the functional equivalent of rooting for Microsoft or General Electric. No thanks."

Agreed. 100%.
The previous conversation caused me to do some more research on Gladwell and I found that he has a new brilliant blog - which I instantly added to my google reader and google customized homepage
Be sure to check the comments if you wanna see my stream of consciousness live blogging of the is long rambling and incoherent...but it is in the comments, so dont complain


At 8:29 PM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

Ok Im tired as 80 muggs from riding my bizzike to and around Alexandria today, So since its only 9:00 and I gotta stay up till 11, when my girlfriend finally gets back from San Diego (and finishes watching Greys Anatomy?) I guess I will watch and live blog the Oscars.

This may be the first time I’ve actually watched an awards show with any care about what is going on, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than 30 mins through any Academy Awards show, but I have TIVO so I can fast forward....lets get it on with the live blogging......Well not actually live, I started the DVR’d show over one hour late so I could fast forward through any BS...lets get it on, I hope theres not too much BS to FF’wd through

John Stewart did a great job with the opening monologue. Gotta say he is one of the few people who could actually get me to watch the Oscars. It seems like he is trying to turn it into a long-ass version of the daily show - works for me

By the way, check out Stewart in this great interview on Larry King. At one point he asks “are you insane”

So usually I turn off the awards after the horrible opening but, but this one was good so I kept watching... and Ill keep blogging it.......First award goes to George Clooney for best supporting actor in Syriana. Really good movie, really good performance, wow 15 minutes in and Im still watching....this first award presented by an 8 foot tall ghostly pale Nicole Kidman, she is still very hot......... Clooney gives a great speech about how people in Hollywood being “out of touch” is actually good because the people “in touch” are stupid social conservatives who are hurting our country. .....Sounds good so far. Oscars > State of the Union. Lets keep this going .....

More Stewart, more funny. ..........Fake award to Tom Hanks with his weird DaVanci code haircut, not funny at all......Ben Stiller giving stupid special effects award, fast forward this crap........Reese Witherspoon to present something now, she’s also hot - Im still watching..... The DVR says im 30 mins into the show, a new record but the fast forward is like cheating....Reese’s pieces (of ass) is now presenting something about stupid cartoons, fast forwarding through this crap too....I guess I’ve watched about ½ of the stuff theyve shown so far..... now an award presented by Naomi Watts, guess tonight is all about the liberal-stuff and then some really hot ass presenters, I can deal with that....If you havent scene Mullholland Drive, even if you cant understand 99% of the movie, the Naomi Watts L scene makes it worth it.....FF through some commercials....more Stewart Luke and Owen Wilson presenting, giving a shout out to their first movie Bottle Rocket - actually an amazing movie - go rent Bottle Rocket if you want to see a better movie than their later movies like Rushmore and ..... fast forwarding through some crap about Live Action some cartoons walking onto the stage, I don’t get it, fast forwarding boring people talking about cartoons Ffwding....Now Jennifer Anniston presenting, the hotness continues in the presenters, no complaints fast forwarding through crap on costume design....Russel Crowe is annoying im not listening to him....fastforwarding through some montage on bio movies, I don’t understand the appeal of these montages unless it was a montage of the presenters we have already seen - that I would watch. ...more commercials fast forward getting a workout now.... 40 yr old virgin and more cowbell guy presenting now, not really very funny, ff’ing through some award on makeup....why do they have awards on makeup....rachel mcadams now talking about awards that were not good enough to make the live show, she makes the cut with the other list of presenters I wanted the montage on, but still fast forwarding this nonsense.....morgan freeman cant say demonstrative, even corrects himself to “demunstrative” ....Rachel Weisz wins for some movie I don’t know, she could easily be a presenter with the others.....gotta build up some more buffer, so much fast forwarding fodder, now some black and white by Rob Courdry and other Daily Show staff, how great is that!, on a tribute to the hotness of Keira Knightely, Im not kidding that is what it was really about (good stuff).........

They bring out terrence howard and talk about his great portrayal of a pimp, for some reason they don’t play the hit song “Whoop That Trick,” he is giving some dumb award I fastforward through again.......Now Charlize Theron is presenting, wow, the presenters need to star in this season of the L Word on Showtime....Theron giving award on documentaries, Ill actually watch this part, I really need to see the Enron movie, I can skip the Penguin movie, I have downloaded Murderball but havent watched yet, ok penguins win and get huge ovation, maybe I will watch it.....Jlo presenting something now, she can join the presenter party....some song from Crash, Crash was a great movie but Im not sure about this song, sounds like a mediocre slowed-down imitation of an Aimee Mann soundtrack, should have just gotten Aimee Mann and John Brion to score the movie, oh and there are racist people on fire behind the singer, that’s always cool........ff’wding through some nonsense on set decoration....

Sam Jackson out to give an award, but SNAKES ON A MUTHERFUCKING PLANE is somehow not mentioned.....Ok another montage on social justice in movies, good subject for a montage, too bad montages are boring, fast forwarding MUCH more than Im watching now....stop the fastforwarding to see Salma Hayek presenting, the hits keep coming....worlds greatest violin viruoso = (you guessed it) fast forward.....does phillip seymour hoffman use that same voice throughout Capote, how could that not get annoying.....Damn these awards are getting boring now, John Steward just said he agreed.....I coulda gone with the opening 30 mins then a mesh of the presenters, followed by award for best picture....Jake Glyllleelyllenhall now, not sure what hes talkin about, fast forwarding again...Im not sure how much more of this I can take, Im ff’ding everything and still starting to fade....OK Jessica Alba now presenting with the Hulk, wow, who is looking the Hulk, Jessica Alba just got me to stick with this for another 30 mins....Alba is gone Ffwding through some old people talking about boring stuff....There is no way anyone can watch this without fast forward.....super FF in effect now .....Now Three Six Mafia are playing the Oscars, what? what? Hard out here for a pimp, priceless, maybe there is hope that they will play whoop that trick after all...Queen Latifah now presenting, talk about a buzz kill.......what the F? the three six mafia just won an Oscar, republicans must REAAAALY hate this award show now, liberalism, hot women in skimpy clothes, gangsta rap, george clooney, as long as you have fast forwarding this must be greatest award show ever....Three Six Mafia acceptance speech is freaking great they are just screaming out shout outs, man this geting good again......John Stewart seems to echo my priceless moment he says “it just got a little bit easier out here for pimp” and “three six mafia is getting into a dreidel off against three six mafia” jennifer garner presenting, and almost falls, someone needs to make a collage of these presenters and put it out on video...super fastforwarding through sound forwarding through something on old movies, through will smith, through foreign films, good think I saved up so much buffer to fast forward some hot asian girl, no not Dori, presenting another award, I cant understand her but still very hot....hillary swank (or is that ken mehlman) presenting, im not excited by that at all....more ff’wding....reese witherspoon wins best actress, I havent seen walk the line, she wasnt that good in legally blodne, she thanks T-Bone Burnett, is he in the three six mafia.....brokeback wins something, conservatives cry some best screenplay- Crash, I guess my parents and girlfriend cant be mad for me dragging them to that movie anymore, although through the first 45 minutes of the movie they were ready to punch me and walk on to directing, when the hell is best picture pulling for clooney on director even though I’ve downloaded but yet to watch GNGL....brokeback wins again, be prepared for more conservative columns tomorrow about how “out of touch” the gay oscars are and how middle america did not watch blah blah blah F you social conservatives....finally onto best picture I hope.....ok finally we are there and all the conservative’s villains are ready to win brokeback and capote (gay and gayer) crash (liberal story on race) GNGL (republican congressman are evil), Munich (killing terrorists isnt the greatest thing in the world). And Crash wins, now the people I dragged to this movie really cannot be mad at me.

Overall a good show IF you can fast forward, definitely worth watching, also the first time I ever made it to the end of an academy awards show - thanks to the magic of DVR

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Donkey Mcdonkerton said...

I still don't get Brokeback????


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