Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hey, Eddie Munster eats kids too (i.e. can this thing work twice)

Big shouts to Deadspin for bringing in about 5,000 readers to this site in 2 days last week. All this love for a picture I found of Coach K biting the head off of a small child. The Coach K love was so great that Syracuse.com picked up on the story and brought in about another 4,000 readers.

Before I get any hate mail, I do not believe that Coach K actually bites the heads off of small children, that is just insane. Who would actually bite off the head of a child? It is much more likely that he simply orally decapitates rodents or other small mamals such as bats, in the mode of a young Ozzy Osbourne, but probably not children.

You might think that Coach K devouring our young is some crazy theory for the interwebs only, and wouldnt get any attention by the traditional print media. You would be wrong. Just this morning I learned that the Minneapolis Star Tribune sports section today featured a link to this site, and coach K’s kid-eating predilictions. So now that a newspaper in a major market has cited our reporting (check the bottom right of the page), it must be true that Coack K eats kids.

Coach K eating kids has become so accepted that it was not the #1 basketball story this weekend. That was George Mason. As everyone knows by now, a bunch of kids from Baltimore and PG County Maryland who were not heavily recruited, if at all, have knocked off three former National Champions on their way to the Final Four.

Since the child eating picture was so successful in helping to defeat Duke\, I figured that I would help Mason by trying to determine if that deranged Eddie Munster clone who coaches Florida does the same.

Eddie, I mean Billy Donovan's response was as follws:
I’m Eddie freaking Munster I will eat whoever I want

And guess, what its true....go Mason (let’s hope this thing works twice)

In just one more sign that Deadspin has the best tourney coverage anywhere, last week they linked to Mighty MJD Sports Blog which found a Wichita State Shockers cheerleader actually throwin’ up the shocker.

Another amazing blog if you like going overboard with insane photoshop and gif.s (also the first blog I know to host the Coach-K-kid-chomping) has now outdone themselves by finding this link to the the 5 stages of grief with Adam Morrison (via Losanjealous), with the final stage of grief being acceptance (who knew Morrison had a cameo in Happy Gilmore)

The only link I’ve seen in the last few days that was funnier than coach K chomping on children was the hubbub surrounding a community sighting of a diminutive leprechaun -- somewhere in the South. Be sure to watch for the artists rendering of the leprechaun and the in car interview. Here is the movie presented without comment. JUST WATCH IT

In religious news, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is once again poised to rule the universe as he has a book hitting the streets this week and a large feature story in USA Today. Maybe Fairfax has a universal church of the FSM and that is the secret to Mason's success.
Finally, according to Double Viking, Jessica Alba wants more challenging roles.

I've heard that a "lesbian stripper" is among the most complex and ultra-challenging portrayals on the big screen, maybe she should take on that monumental challenge.


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