Monday, June 19, 2006

Thanks to Soccer, I grind more Ice than a hockey skate

If you are not watchin the Copa Mundial this Thursday at 10:00 then you gots problems. After the shakiest of shaky starts against the Czech Republic, the US bounced back nicely and outplayed the heavily favored Italian team despite being a man down for the entire second half. We watched the first game on 20 tiny TV's at Rumors and had nothing to show for the 2 hour lunch, so all further US games will be viewed at home on the big screen in the Paper Mill. Be there - Thursday at 10 A.M.

After the "Czech Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self Debacle," I pined for Clint Dempsey to get some playing time, and it turns out that Arena actually agreed. In fact, Dempsey got the start against Italy and brought some much needed passion to Sam’s Army. Not only does Dempsey have compsure with the ball and the skill and courage to actually take on defenders 1-on-1, but the guy is also a gangsta rapper. I’m not saying he is “like” a gangsta rapper, or has the demeanor of a gangster rapper out there....No, the skinny, white, soccer playing kid from Texas is an actual gangsta rapper, and is actually not that horrible. (Better than Shaq actually)

He may not be the best, but you gotta admit that he is at least as good, although not as funny, as this rapping white traffic girl from North Carolina

I have always maintained that musical theater is among the worst of all art forms, but now Nick Hornby, the author of my favorite all-time book, High Fidelity, says that they are making the book into an off broadway production. Could it be, a musical that I will actually enjoy? I will reserve judgment for now.
Everyday the air-conditioning in my building is cut off at 6:00 p.m. and I have found no way to keep the thing running. I have taken to closing my blinds and putting the thing at full blast beginning at 5:00 to get an extra half hour of coolness. But now it looks like I may have found another solution – a USB powered air conditioned shirt. Or I could just start going home at 6:00
OK, so some dumbass GOP politician goes on the Colbert Report last week and puts forth his argument to have the 10 Commandments placed in public courthouses (haven’t they figured out by now what these Comedy Central interviews are about, the congressmen still seemed shocked by the questions). Then good old Stephen Colbert hits him with this nasty trick quesiton..... “Name the 10 Commandments?”... Big shocker the guy has no clue. Oh you mean he may just be stirring up this issue to rally the republican church-going vote? Get out? You mean he doesnt actually believe in it and know the entire bible, I’m stunned. Watch here for the highlarious results. (Another highlight, he is stumped when Colbert asks him to name ANY building that would be a better venue for the 10 Commandments)
And here is some classic Colbert on the 10 commandments

Keeping with the GOP POS theme, Jack Burkman is some random anonymous GOP spokesperson who says stupid, inaccurate, and awful things on cable new such as nonsense like: the 9/11 widows were eager to exploit the deaths and make money right after the towers fell, Democrats equate US soldiers to terrorists, and that Kerry brought the swift boat attacks on himself

Now we know what this idiot does after making these redonkulous statements on national tv. After spewing hatred on democrats and touting his republican family values, it looks like he approaches young girls in town for the gay pride parade and tries to pick em up. The only problem is that he gives out his real card and they get to blog about it and endlessly mock his contacts on a Myspace blog. This chick's myspace blog on the event is highlarious.

UPDATE: Damn, it looks like her myspace page and blog are set to "private" now, so you cant get in on all the fun.
Keith Olberman continues to be one of my heroes



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