Monday, February 19, 2007

"I want to eat his children"

Welcome Deadspin readers. During last year’s March Madness, I posted a link to a gif that I found of Coach K biting the head off of a baby. The king of all sports blogs, Deadspin, has now linked to this gif twice, including once last week, accounting for approximately 99.9999% of my 10,000 total readers This site is really just a place where I post interesting and/or stupid links for my friends to read, and I never attempted to achieve any kind of mass readership, or sought links from other blogs. However, if I ever wanted a redonkulous link to be representatve of all redonkulous links, it is hard to top Coach K devouring a live child. Anyway, if you came from Deadspin last week, hang around and drop a comment sometime.
I again ignored the sage advice of Chuck D, and believed the hype on Valentines day last week, by going to one of D.C. finest restaurants, Ten Penh, and overpaying for a pretty good meal.

Meanwhile, the Thighmaster (who is inexplicably included in the Sports Bog’s local Hoops Poll) disregarded said hype and spent the “holiday” at a much more palatable establishment, engaging in an extra-special reservations required romantic Valentines Meal at White Castle.
Too bad this deal does not exist in DC.
This is one of the best collection of Craigslist entries ever. Almost every entry delivered a laugh.
Will wanted me to link to this video his girl Ashley getting profiled by Alison Starling. Who wouldn’t want to get "profiled" by Alison Starling, if you know what I mean. And I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. I don’t mean interviewed, if thats what you thought I meant. Although an interview would be cool too. But I meant a different kind of profiled, if you know what I mean. Right?
Has anyone seen the Norbit previews and not said “What the fuck happened to Eddie Murphy.” The on-going Norbit coverage over at Best Week Ever Blog is top notch.

I endorse the words of Alex Blagg
“The people have spoken, and thus it shall be so: in the future, Eddie Murphy will act in every role of every movie, utilizing the miracle of prosthetics to portray human beings of all different body shapes and sizes (especially hilariously obese - and usually angry - black women) to the delight of moviegoers far and wide. Simply put, we want - nay, demand! - more fat suits - $33.7 million
#2 MOVIE: “Despite having no stars and no significant marketing campaign, simply having the word “Hannibal” in the title of a movie seems to guarantee at least a #2 opening at the box office. Coming next summer: Fat Hannibal, starring Eddie Murphy - $13.4 million

more norbit goodness

And then there was this video from with leather, Martin Lawrence at a basketball game being mistakenly labled by the sideline reporter as the star of Norbit. Come on anonymous sideline reporter, everyone knows that the pride of Roosevelt high school was Big Momma I and II and not the actor skillfully portraying Norbit, geez.

The really funny thing is that this same thing happened at the acedemy awards. Eddie Murphy was being given a lifetime achievement award for Dr. Doolittle 3 and was mistaken as Lawrence by Dame Judy Dench. Dench could not stop raving about Big Momma’s House, even though that was Martin Lawrence and not Eddie. How embarrasing for the academy, the motion picture association, and all of us.
Last week I was asked to stop saving up links and dumping all of the linky goodness in one mega post each week. Apparently this is too much bloggy goodness for some of you to handle, and thus you dont read to the end or drop a comment. Would you rather I go with the standard method of trying to throw up a mediocre post each and every day, or save up a bunch of substandard links into one semi-respectable megapost?

My quesiton to you the reader: A little bit every day, regardless of quality, or a nice respectable collection of crap once a week???? Please drop a comment and let me know your preferred method of blogging.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger rockstarjoe said...

I kind of prefer the big posts. I think you should do a big post every day. Quit your day job!

At 12:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the big posts once a week are the best! Quality not quantity donkey!


At 10:02 AM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

Well, even the person who asked me to switch to the “daily short bursts” has failed to comment. So as of now it looks like an insurmountable 2-0 victory for the long weekly posts. Since Mease and RockStarJoe now constitute the entire recognized populace of official Redonkulous Nation, all of your demands will be met on this blog. Submit any demands here.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger BRYAN said...

I quality post a week is better than little short ones. Unless something unbelievable Norv Turner getting ANOTHER head coaching job. Oh wait that happened...where is the blog entry on that?

At 8:27 AM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

You're right Bryan, that is some stunning news. But I don't think I can top With Leather's comments on the Norv situation:

"The San Diego Chargers have filled their coaching vacancy by hiring Norv Turner, a move that send a clear message to San Diego fans, and that message is fuck you. The Chargers administration obviously hates the people of San Diego, because nobody could make such a foolish hiring by accident. It's simply a malicious act, one targeted at wasting a voracious defense and the transcendent talent of LaDainian Tomlinson."

At 3:36 PM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

yes. one money post a week is better than several poo poo posts. Whoever justed the latter needs to be publicly humiliated.

At 10:42 AM, Blogger The Redonkulous Linker said...

Ok, I'll call him out. It was Boles. Let the public scorn begin.


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