Monday, May 21, 2007

Shouldn't have left you

I missed a week in posting. You can all feel free to dock my salary 100%
A great weekend was made greater by my decision to skip out on Preakness once again. A couple of years ago, I realized that I was about 10 years too old to ride the durnk bus to the Freakness infield and have since retired. The videos surfacing today of all the Port-O-Racing have confirmed that my decision was wise. Much better to drink in my backyard and watch the Preakness nonsense on Youtube, without having to worry about 12 ounce metal projectiles full of Natty Light whizzing by my head.

Port-O-Racing is almost as dangerous for Bmore necks and fratboys, as break-dancing is for babies.......keep watching until the end

And as with every great video on the internets...Here is the remix and in the words of With Leather, with more baby-kicking.
I think the only little kid I would trust around the breakdancers is this guy
Jerry Falwell is now in a box, and while Christopher Hitchens is one wacky drunk, he sure gives an amazing euology
I think I stared at Flickrvision for twenty minutes straight last night, and I have no idea why. Flickervision - watch worldwide pictures get uploaded onto Flickr in real time
The other day I arrived at work without an essential ingredient for my work day -- the almighty ipod. It was like arriving at Preakness without your tribal tatoo or at Falwell's church without anything to bash a gay person with. Anyway, I was immediately unsure whether I could function through an entire workday of helping rich people fight other rich people over money, without constant acceptable music playing in the background. Luckily, I had the ingenious idea of using the Google Gootube search function to find full length concerts all over the Gootube. By using the time settings and the rating settings I was able to find a bunch of great shows, each at least 20 minutes long, and the day was saved.

Here are the jounks I especially enjoyed

Redonkulously good full set of My Morning Jacket at Austin City Limits

1971 Neil Young Acoustic BBC Concert

Pearl Jam - in a Tower Records - just after releasing Ten

Radiohead, live and doing a ton of Kid A material

Bright Eyes on a morning radio show

Foo Fighters trying to save mainstream rock.
Highlarious article on Airborne. I guess since people in my law office already believe in Feng Shui, Astrology, and Noah’s Ark, believing in Airborne isn't all that outrageous
Months ago I had a conversation with a former NSA employee who tried to convince me that our government would not have authorized the warrantless wiretapping unless they were confident that it was legal and effective. Right. Last week we got the real story, as James Comey testified before Congress about how Bush’s incompetent cronies attempted to convince a hospital bed-ridden and drugged-up attorney general to approve the illegal program because the acting attorney general already informed these pathetic clowns that it was unconstitutional. Comey had to race to the hospital to stop Gone-zalez and Card from taking advantage of the guy recovering from surgery by getting him to sign off. If you want to see how low the Bush administration routinely sinks, watch the video of the testimony

If that is not lively enough for you, as with all great internet videos, check out the Godfather remix of the testimony

As Josh Marshall points out, one of the most stunning developments in this story was that Ashcroft almost comes out as a hero. Crazy I know, but the point really is that compared to Gone-zalez and the rest of Bush’s recent cronies, even total idiots like Ashcroft seem like heroes in comparison.


At 8:05 PM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

Nice one... definitely needed an RL fix last week. When I saw that Preakness vid, the first thaought I had was... "damn I'm glad I'm too old for that stuff." But that break dancing baby is AMAZING !


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