Thursday, March 15, 2007

Even a caveman could beat Duke?

March Madness is finally back. Today, the sweetest day of the year to take a three hour lunch, was a rousing success. The Maryland win made my three hour lunch all the sweeter, and tonight has ended spectactulary.

I am one day late to the game by embedding everybody’s favorite Duke hate video one day after it was passed all over the internets, but I was on this Rosenberg game for weeks so I can post the damn thing one more time. I first introduced Peter Rosenberg to you redonkulous-readers a few weeks ago with his “Throw Some Cheese on It” video, and now the Hip-Hop-Weird-Al is back again with this ode to Duke hating...Is this why Duke lost? Any chance Pete can come up with a "This is Why Butler Sucks" video

One thing missing from this tournament on CBS are some new Caveman commercials. However, with Leather has found a ten minute long Caveman skit which bodes extremely well for the caveman sit-com. The Caveman is freaking golfing with Phill Sims:

If the casting director for the Caveman is reading right now, I’ve got the perfect girlfriend for the caveman... Antonelli Barb, um Antonell Barba, Antonella um you get it by now, people cannot spell her name but that hasnt stopped them from searching, at least according to Yahoo Buzz Meter.
Anyway, she would be great in the role and there is even a perfect tagline for Ms. Barba:
OK, maybe the line nt that great, but tell me she wouldnt be great in the role.

You see right now Antonella is fielding some lesser offers like Playboy, Girls Gone Wild, and soft-core skinemax-style porn, among others. When asked about Playboy Barba answered. "I'm definitely not opposed to [thinking about] other offers, whether it's acting or modeling or something."
To fill time until the Caveman & Idolslut Show, here are loads of deleted scenes from The Office
Courtesy of I will now leave you with Duke’s home Court - Indoor Stadium


At 8:24 PM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

HAHAHAHAHA... Rosenberg is great. That might be the best thing i've heard since throw some cheese on it...


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