Friday, April 27, 2007

I'll be the water wings

I forgot to post this for the last couple weeks, but if you are getting back into Sopranos this seven minute video rolling through every single plot-line for each and every season in 7 total minutes is a must.....outstanding

Much better, although not nearly as ass-kicking as this musical asskicking video summary of the Die Hard series...yipppekayyaaa mutherfucker.
I know this Landlord video is a couple weeks old, but I had the pleasure of heairng Donkey McDonkerton attempt to recite it from memory about 8 times last weekend, and it is still good

Gilbert went off again on his blog last week and even gets into his potential co-presidency with Obama.
I will be in the Verizon Center tomorrow when Agent Zero hopefully unveils his surprise and makes 4 million dollars rain from the rafters. I also appreciate the Wizards tanking the first 2 games so I can get cheap tickets for the home games, as the Wizards prepare to win 4 straight and take out the Cavs.
Gerard G is a big fan of this video where a woman breaks down the details of penis power
This week the SCGiant, blogger of all design products and other assorted useless crap that I need, points me to a badass matchbook. Despite the fact that I have no need for matches, I might get one to keep in my pocket next to my money switchblade comb...those really impress the ladies.
Thanks to Gorilla Mask here is a link to the top ten Howard Stern gootube videos, and that site contains a link to over 200 other Stern clips. That Uber site also has a boatload of other top ten video lists including holloywood’s breast actresses. Ah the magic of the gootubes.
At the request of Mease and others I have to post this Cro Cop video. The Croation guy in this fight is the head of an Anti-terrorist swat team and a member of the Croatian parliament, in addition to being a professional asskicker, but you gotta watch this fight

This fight headlined a card that seems to have finally brought the sport of MMA into the sports and internets’ mainstream. The UFC couldnt get an HBO deal completed in time for this event, so they decided to air one of their regular pay-per-view shows on regular basic cable. I’ve been on this MMA/UFC bandwagon for a couple years now, and most other peoples didnt seem to notice, but after this free show my RSS reader started blowin up with sports fans who usually never mentioned the sport...first local sports talker Czaban was hyping the fight, also the twin kings of sports blogging With Leather and Deadspin jumped on board. As if that was not enough, I noted that the boxing section on CBS sportsline has become MMA/Boxing.


At 4:33 PM, Blogger dumpoplex said...

God, do you see how Cro Cops leg landed? It looks like he destroyed several tendons.

At 2:08 AM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

That sopranos thing is amazing. But not as good as ten seasons of friends in 90 seconds...


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