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You ain't, principally cause you not.

As of my last post, the Wizards were slightly sputtering but still had high hopes for the playoffs and were holding on the #3 spot in the entire Eastern Conference. In case you live under a rock, or in Australia, you might not have known that the Curse of Les Boulez has sadly struck again and the Wizards have since lost both of their all stars- Tough Juice-Caron Butler, and the Internet’s Fave - Agent Zero. I have gotten over the intial depression of losing the half of the team within one week, and now I can remember what its like to be a real Bullets fan again

As you can I have not lost the faith and come playoff time you will be able to cath me at thePhone (Cal) Booth supporting Cal Booth, as the Wiz take down the Raptors (hopefully not the Heat) and wearing my own version of Wizznutz’ 98 bench shirt
Antonio & Deshawn & Jarvis & Antawn & Etan. I still believe.
As always for continuing coverage of the Wizards collapse, see the DC Sports Bog
I'm hot 'cause I'm fly/You ain't 'cause you not." Brutal and unassailable in its simplicity. Consider the reasoning, first, of just "I'm hot 'cause I'm fly": Mims is hot because he's fly. But it raises the question: Does being hot guarantee one's being fly? "You ain't 'cause you not" would seem to clear that up: ........
Truer words never spoken...from this article in the Village Voice
The article provides extensive graphic illustration of how one can be classified as alternatively either a) Fly/Hot or b) Not.
Including a flow chart..

and several Venn diagrams

Rockstar Joe found this surefire way to never lose your beer again at a party. The beer pager.
If you are somehow still a loyal Republican you may want to skip the rest of this week’s installment of the redonkulous links. But if you can stomach it, I guarantee you will be entertained...there is even an appearance by Snoop Dog on TV in Holland...check it
I know it is almost too easy to bash Bill O’Reilly. Sure it is kinda like mocking mentally challenged person for their SAT score, but he gives the hatas so much damn good material and in these next two stunning videos from the last week make it much easier to post Snoop Dog's critique in good conscience.

In THE FIRST VIDEO, Bill O’Reilly goes totally apeshit and gets into an insane screaming match, at one point I wondered if he was gonna go all UFC style and bust out the mixed martial arts ...incredibly the voice of reason in this battle is none other than former jackass Geraldo Rivera, who actually calls Bill on his BS and exposes him as a racist, protectionist, nonsensical lunatic, spouting on about law enforcement when really only looking for a way to bash brown people, This episode even provoked Olbermann to reward Rivera the actual Best person in the world last week.

In the next video, Bill-O doesnt go nearly as crazy, but still exposes himself as just as much of a non-reasoning bully, as he shouts down and cuts the mic of a retired Army Colonel who is actually speaking the truth to Bill. When Colonel Wright tries to explain to Bill that he needs to be careful in chastising the Iranians for "unprovoked acts of aggression", to be careful in not “ratcheting up” the rhetoric, and to act like a rational person instead of an insane lunatic warmonger. Bill-O goes on another childish rant and accuses her of "blaming America first," good one. I don’t think it is any coincidence that Britain listened to Colonel Wright in dealing with Iran, and as a result they were able to successfully negotiate the release of the hostages last week WITHOUT bombing innocent people all over the world and without looking like unhinged O'reillys.

After both of those instances, I think the most appropriate response to O’Reilly was given by Snoop Doggy Dogg on Dutch television (even though the Dutch host somehow has a much better grasp of the English language than either Bill-O or my boy Snoop)

Meanwhile the MC Karl Rove rapping video was all over the internets and the youtubes this week. I think John Stewart, channeling the Beastie Boys in a dead-on impersonation of old school Mike D, provides the best response. He may be a “fly MC” but he is still .....still Jeffrey Dahmer

Stewart is hot because he’s fly, Rove ain’t because he’s not. Simple logic, totally irrefutable. Again refer back to the Village Voice to see it broken down graphically
Anyway, maybe this post bashed Republicans a little too much (haha yeah right) but better be careful because Dick Cheney is often lurking in the bushes. No really ...he lurks...seriously...this is an actual video from a speech last week.
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At 1:01 PM, Blogger dumpoplex said...


Dick Cheney is awesome. He lurks around, shoots people in the face, and has friends that rap. He should become a member the St. Lunatics. Whatever happened to them?

At 9:54 PM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

Those diagrams are AMAZING ! they are the purist and most efficient forms of visual communication. Thank you for the update on the downfall of the Zards...

At 7:56 AM, Blogger rockstarjoe said...

Can we put Dick Cheney in a Venn diagram?


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