Thursday, March 08, 2007

Atonella Barra Barba (with dunks)

The Linker is gettin some love in the traditional media, thanks to awe inspiring The Washington Post Sports Bog Blog.

Apparently Dan and Mrs. Bog had a child last week, so Steinz is on a break, and the Bog is being run by guest NCAA bloggers during march madness. Therefore, the Bog is mostly nuts-and-bolts march madness news for the next month or so. But make sure you check back to the Bog once Steinz returns from paternity leave for some of the best sports blogging evah.
Also, The Post Sports Bog Blog may be the best name for a blog since Bob Loblaw and his brilliant Bob Loblaw Law Blog

Meanwhile the Linker’s traffic only continues to remain at a redonkulous level thanks to Antonella “Anotella” Barba and the spelling-challenged parno seekers who are searching for her pictures. If you think I am exaggerating the number of seekers, I will have you know that Ms. Barba just passed Myspace as the number one search term in all of the internets.. “'American Idol' Contestant Antonella Barba Bumps MySpace as New Number One Search Term With Web Users

I only knew that Idol was on again last night because the site meter starting going nutz like the internets. So since this is the reason that 99.9% of you, who I do not know, got here --

this is the best place I can find for the scandalous and racy pictures of Anteater Barbarella, or Antonella Barbra, or whatever her name is.
So now that Barba fans and Agent Steinz fans are flocking here I thought maybe I could combine the two fan groups with a La Barra Barba fanclub, with the banner up above, hit me up Steinz.
With all of that out of the way I give you the:
Ode to the Failed Slam Dunk (with video)

The slam dunk. More than just a maneuver employed by tall people during basketball games, it is also one of the most famous lines from the Bush administration’s bungling of the lead up to the Iraq War. As reported in Bob Woodward’s book, when President Bush asked then-CIA Director George Tenet about the prospect of WMD’s in Iraq, he replied that it was a “slam dunk.” News came last month that in his memoirs, George Tenet is now defending his “slam dunk” comment by asserting that what he really meant was that it would be a “slam dunk” to convince the American people that there were WMD in Iraq. Riiight.

Anyway, I always wondered why Tenet didn’t just defend himself by saying, “I told him it was a slam dunk, not a sure thing, even NBA players miss a certain percentage of slam dunks.” So a slam dunk doesnt mean they had weapons, everyone got my comment wrong. Better excuse than sayin it was a slam dunk that we could convince them...right?

Its true, slam dunks do NOT always work and here is some pretty compelling defense material for Mr. Tenet (with thanks to Deadpsin, Videosift, and WithLeather, among others)

Many slam dunks are difficult to pull off, especially if you are white, and try to hurdle a cheerleader.

Even if your name is "Bird Man" it is difficult to pull off a showstopper, even after 20 or so comedic attempts

sometimes the slam dunker need to get some help from his friends

See George, even with help from a chair, a slam dunk clearly not a sure thing.

But even run of the mill slam dunks, by real athletes, are often flubbed...if you offend the dunk gods. Tyrus Thomas said he was only entering the NBA the dunk contest for money, and looked what happened that same week

If Bush really wanted a CIA director who knows about the “slam dunk” he should have hired this kid. He's got skillz.


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Now the RL is blowing up ! I might just move back and become your personal YouTube assistant. Let's draft up a contact for that.

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Holy crap, you've made it dude. The WashingtonPost wants to know if it knows you. How cool is that?

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Maybe you can do that Wonkette chick now.

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