Thursday, April 19, 2007

I wanna know what's in.

Its tough to live in the DC area not be touched in some way, and have some connection to, the horrible tragedy at Va Tech. I thought about taking a week off from posting stupid videos, telling bloggy jokes, or publishing expletive filled political rants on the internets, but what good would that do. What I will do unlike so many others is hold off on jumping in with my policy remedies. I agree with Governor Kaine, before we start debating gun policy, or any other political solution, we need to simply step back for a bit and let people grieve. There will be plenty of time to assign blame and propose policies in the coming weeks and months. Now is NOT the time to pull an O’Reilly and try to use a tragedy to boost our pet issues. Even though I went to JMU, we are all Hokies this week.
With this Tech news, Iraq literrally blowing up, and everything else, at least one video from last weeks post seems pretty damn relevant

Now we will rejoin our regular Re-Donkosity, already in progress.
There are these so-called Kiai and Chi masters who believe that their mastery of the natural/supernatural martial arts is so strong that they barely need to touch their opponent to defeat them, and sometimes can knock them over without even touching the opponent. These guys have brainwashed their students and apparently brainwashed themselves. Here is what happens when one of those "masters" faces a real MMA athlete who is not brainwashed

The WizARDS literally limped into the playoffs, starting this weekend. The good guys were without 4 of their 5 best players for a few of the final games and this upcoming series with the Cavs could get ugly, but I still have faith.
Here is the missing wizards rundown: 1) Agent 0 - hurt, 2) Caron ToughJuice - hurt, 3) Jamison - only healthy star 4) Haywood - benched for attitude, 5) AD - hurt. Is it really possible to stay healthy all season and lose all your stars in the last month. As Buckhantz would scream... No! Not Possible! (Amazing YTMND link via Arvinomics, an untribute to the J-less Jarvis Hayes)
You wanna know how boring baseball is. In this video the announcers spend over three minutes breaking down a fan’s throwing of a pizza slice. High-larry-ish, and it beats any real baseball commentary, thats for sure. I could watch pizza throwing breakdown for hours more than baseball commentary, check the direction of the pizza - back and to the left, back and to the left.
I bet this is not the reaction that this kid wanted when he told him mom that he was an atheist. As punishment, maybe she will force him to eat some shrimp scampi on the way to hell, because as we all know – God strongly dislikes, no sorry, God HATES shrimp.
Don’t feel like checking your inbox for the latest goofy videos that people send? This single video collects a ton of them in one place

If your desk has a grommet hole, you gotta get these grommet accessories discovered by the SCGiant. I just doubled my lifetime use of the word "grommet".
It is finally supposed to stop raining and warm up this weekend. About damn time. I actually think the old Donkies(eys) softball team could blow these guys out, although we never got a full keg out onto the field. Maybe Ill watch the video for this outstanding song about 6 times on Friday and try to make it come true, outdoor sports are a must this weekend, either that or convince Agent Steinz to lead a pack of Wiz fans to Cleveland to trounce LeTravel James, only 6 hours to the home of the Dawg Pound.



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That clip of the guy (lady?) getting run over by the runaway tire at the gas station gets me every time.


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