Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who all seen the Leprechaun say Yeah? Yeah!!

Since last week’s report of the leprechaun siting, the lepraCon has blown up. There have been numerous rap remixes and an off again myspace page highlighting the leprachaun’s exploits.

ThighsWide had a great rundown last week, including the myspace version and the yourthemannowdog version.

Donkey McDonkerton is a huge fan of this southern crunk remix version.

Here are a couple more of the video remixes

I want the gold video -

Hey I’ll admit it I like the Family Guy. I am not obsessive enough to name my fantasy football team after Stewie or dress as Peter Griffin on Halloween, but I generally think it is a pretty good show. Not nearly as good as "The Office" or but still good. Sometimes, however, I’m watching the show with some other donkies(eys), and they will be like “ohhh shit did you see Cobra Commander in that boardroom, that shit is a beast” or “HAHA that was just like the Picture Pages commercial with Bill Cosby from the ‘80s.” Now I understand the idea of 80's nostalgia, and I have been dragged to “Legwarmers” concert, but I don’t find a joke hihg-larious simply because a random Gobot or Thundercat jumps onto the screen for no apparent reason. Apparently, Trey and Matt from South Park take my feelings a step further and actually hate the show because of this cheap stunt that Family Guy repeatedly pulls to keep generation x-y laughing. Check out the clip below, they made a whole episode of South Park just bashing the family guy for these random pointless pop 80's references that have absolutely no context.

I still enjoy Family Guy but I totally see their point....oooh look it’s the A-team at a football that really all it takes to make us laugh?
The NBA dunk contest was a joke this year (and most of the past few years). You had to sit through 15 straight misses in order to get to one decent dunk. Now I sort through you tube so that you dont have to, and I found this college dunk contest that blows the pros out of the water, and the dunks are far beyond decent. Maybe edited out the 30 misses in the middle, but check out this sick video to a nice soundtrack featuring Black Star, and tell me that the NBA contest wasnt garbage in comparison.

As the Washington Bullets try to lock down the 5th spot in the East behind the amazing play of Gilbert Arenas, the Subcontinental Giant
currently artsing it up in Australia, points us to these ugly but captivating jerseys from the Brisbane Bullets. The Giant needs to order some of the Aussie jerseys for Donkies before he comes back from Down Under. However, if he runs accross any Roos on the way to get the jersey, he better hope it is not one of these over comfortable in public roos.
Australian Bullets jerseys are gonna become the new Unseld throwbacks.
Alex Blagg of the Blagg Blog has an excellent myspace review on
I gotta say he has a point, I wouldn’t want idiots from my high school posting Hoobastank videos on my page either, so for the time being I have only a blank myspace account simply for the purpose of stalking everyone else. Its money.
Listen to these audio files. Howard Stern, on his new satellite show, had an interview with the strange Los Angelos phenomenon known as Wilmer “Fez” Valderamma. I have no freaking clue how this guy does it, but he has apparently he banged every actress/crappy-singer who has appeared on MTV in the last three years including Lohan, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Love Hewitt, etc. I think he may have even gone through the girls starring in “my sweet sixteen.” Listen to the interview here.
Andrew Sullivan has the new electoral map , featuring the current feelings of America toward Bush. Blue town and blue all around.

Finally I will quote Kos on some questions I can never get answered from those who "support the troops"

Funny how after three years of war in Iraq, war supporters still can't answer these three simple questions:

1. How does sending our troops to Iraq, separating them form their families and loved ones, putting them in harm's way, and keeping them there equal "supporting the troops"?

2. Why do those who claim to "honor their sacrifices" want them to continue sacrificing?

3. Why don't those who bloviate about "supporting" and "honoring" the troops against an enemy they think threatens Western civilization actually, you know, put on combat boots and join them?


At 2:02 AM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

Nice one mate ! By the way, NBL is the worst basketball league in the world ! Oh it is unbearable to watch these clowns. However, I am loving the Aussie Rules. Go Swans !


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