Sunday, April 16, 2006

I scour You Tube, so You don’t have to

If any of you reading this have been to law school, ever attended a deposition, or even ever seen a deposition conducted on TV, I think you would have to agree that this is about the greatest legal video ever.

I have been involved in some contentious depositions and even thrown out a “I’ll make whatever objection I want” but I have NEVER had the chance throw out a phrase like:”you may be big, but if you wanna see how bad you are come on” or “Mr. hairpeice” or “you dumb sunnamabitch” or even “incipient verbal diarrhea.” I am still young though, so maybe there is time.

You might think that these are just some idiot Texas lawyers, but the guy on the right taking the deposition is Joe Jamail, who is apparently known as the King of Torts. According to his own website, Jamail has over $12 Billion in jury verdicts and over $13 Billion in verdicts and settlements, has represented a client who received a verdict and judgment for $560 Million in a negligence and fraud case, and has been lead counsel in over two hundred personal injury cases where recovery, either by verdict or settlement, was in excess of One Million Dollars.

It is easy to see from this video the brilliant and intricate legal arguments that have propelled Jamail into billionaire status

This link is for everyone who continues to send me inane questions while I am trying to get work done during the day.
Yes, its true, I do sometimes try to get work done during the day. Unlike this guy, who has stumbled into my dream job. MSNBC has hired a blogger who is paid to surf the web and then link to everything that he clicks on during the course of each work day. He often has some pretty good finds, like this Blog post entitled “Blog” with some comments that are right on the money.
For you aspiring web browsers, if you’re trying to navigate the web like the redonkulous linker or that guy from clicked, let me point you to this website that contains everything that google can do on one single page.
With Donkies basketball starting next week (bringing the total Donkey-sports count to five) is there anyway that we can sign this baseball star known as Pronk. He is half donkey and half project - thus the Pronk, and has even had a Pronk candy bar named in his honor.
It looks like prosecutors may be pursuing Barry “Scooter” Bonds for perjury in connection with his steroid testimony to the grand jury. For a good summary on the whole meaning of Bonds and steroids, check out Klosterman’s redonkulous article that became the cover story for last week’s ESPN the magazine, and includes inexplicable references to Yo La Tengo, Magnus Ver Magnusson, Kelly Clarkson, the Iraq War and Enron.
On to the boring political news.....

With the Republican agenda failing in foreign policy (See Iraq, War) and domestic policy (See social security), and mid-term congressional elections right around the corner, the GOP is up to its old tricks. The word is out that the Republicans are ready to attempt to divide our nation again and stir up the church-going public by re-introducing the two of the stupidest proposed constitutional amendments in history and and by adding more restrictions on abortion.

According to this CNN article the GOP is seeking to drum up support through idiotic proposed constitutional amendments to ban flag burining and prevent gays from marrying, and by introducing a bill to stop women from crossing state lines to get abortions. Their "core issues." Yep, those are the real problems with our country, not the soldiers dying in Iraq, the declining enviroment, or the bazillion dollar deficit...

Democrats must take back the House or the Senate this year so this shit can stop.
But I guess you can understand why Republicans want to scream about the evils of flag burning or the war on christian holidays, because shiny new scandals keep popping up every single week.

Not only did the Administration fail to reveal everything it knew about the Valarie Plame leak it also came out last week that they lied about the whole mobile bio weapons labs fiasco

And if one new scandal wasnt enough last week, the White House was also tied to a phone jamming scheme by republican operatives in New Hampshire.

Merely seeing Dick Cheney booed loudly at Nationals games is not enough any more. Like I said before, Democrats must take back the House or the Senate this year so that this craziness can come to an end.

If that doesn’t scare you enough, look at the UTTER CRAP that Conservatives would pass off as entertainment if we don’t stop them from taking over this country. Unless you enjoy horrible-sounding, factually challenged, “We Didn’t Start the Fire” rip-offs, do everything in your power to make sure these fools are stopped.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger BWS said...

Man, even I hate the song "Bush was Right." Not because of the message, but more because I think Kevin Smith should stop singing an make more movies.
By the way, you have insepid linking Diahreha (spelling). It takes me two days to get through everything. Damn, hyperlinks.


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