Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'll sing statistics, and hide the truth

Weekend recap:
A rousing start for the undefeated Donkies(eys) basketball franchise. In its first outing as a basketball unit, the Donkies[eys] never once trailed and blew out the Gtown Ballers at the Rockville Sportsplex this weekend. However, from the looks of the brothas dunking in the layup line before the next game, it looks like the season may get a lot more challenging pretty quickly.

I also attended a highly entertaining wedding in Charlottesville this weekend, where there was a face off between our University side of the wedding and the wonderful Git-R-Done groom’s side of the wedding. The wedding pretty much went down like this classic debate, and it was segregated for much of the night except when the Git-R-Done choo choo train, via the Quad City DJ's, made its way through our side for five highlarious minutes.

I was also informed at the wedding that Dori changed her name to Stephanie and left me for a while to do Temptation Island with some clown named Anthony. She doesnt see it.
The weekend was also good because I didnt go to the Madhatter.

Once this guy gets through his uneventful personal internet history he launches into an inspired rant against the MadHatter in Golden Triangle.
I could not agree with his sentiments more, as he cites a few of the reasons why I cant stand MadHatter/McFaddens/TomToms (same place right?).

Here are my personal reasons why those establishments equal a shitty weekend night:
1) awful music like ABBA and Pussycat dolls (or some shit like that),
2) said awful music at redonkulous volumes that make it impossible to talk to the people you went out with (esp. McF.)
3) 300 plus people per square inch of bar space
4) douchebags with popped collars worthy of this hot-girl-with-douchebag blog bumping into you all night long and screaming “Johnny used to work on the docks”
5) five dollar miller lites (and usually while I roll in groups of 5 or more that cause you to spend $25 on each round of said miller lites, about the price of an amazing steak at Smith & Wollensky),
6) morons chainsmoking 2 inches from your grill until your contacts glaze over and you smell like a mixture of a dirty ashtray and floor at these establishment

Overall Madhatter/McFaddens/TomToms = not a good time on a Friday or Saturday night.
A Kansas schoolteacher was ordered to remove a likeness of the flying spaghetti monster from her classroom door -- F that.
I finally brokedown and signed up for myspace last week.
Meanwhile, Fimoculous continues his articulate critique on popular internet culture, by simply asking “MySpace, what have you wrought?” and linking to the 29,000 google hits for "thanks for the add you guys rock".

Seriously, has myspace now become the dominant method for exchanging music online, and sharing their love for the same 12 songs. I heard some “cable car” song by some band called “the Fray” on about 15 peoples MySpace page within two days of signing up and thought they were some type of myspace supported band. I never heard this redonkulously catchy song but I sure have now -- how can 15 people in my close network have it as their signature song already. Really, myspace, what have you wrought?

Hopefully this cold-can technology will be in place for the summer concerts that typically reach about 110 degrees here in the DC area. Miller is busting out new cold can technology, no coozie required.
Two interesting videos via Crooks and Liars

I thought I believed in the “theory” of evolution until Mike Seaver and some guy with a parno mustache explained to me that god perfectly created a banana to be eaten by man, and even demonstrated how god trumped evolution by creating the perfect banana-delivery packaging . Check it out here.

Now that is some wacky shit, but apparently Mike Seaver is all about these god videos. Gotta respect their argument (no you really don’t, honestly its insane) but for some reason something about those two fools giving all this love to the banana, even in a god loving video, made me a tad uncomfortable about where the video was going. If that small video wasn't enough to bash your atheism and cause you to believe in the almighty, the whole Kirk Cameron video is here

In the other crooks and liars video I discovered that it is now finally mainstream to bash Bush, I was well ahead of the curve and on this bandwagon years ago, but now even TRL Girlbander Pink is screaming about his liquor and cocaine in a pretty stark video.

The newest rolling stone cover appears to be asking the correct question

Hell, even Fox news cant hide the truth as their latest polls have bush in the lower 30s.

Hopefully the Democrats will take over congress and the end is near for Rove, Bush, and these clowns.
Finally, here is some video of the world’s 2nd largest version of the world's greatest game - Tetris. This was created with a personal computer, a bunch of Christmas lights, and a building - Wow. Dude definitely hung on too long waiting for the straight piece to drop, but we have all been there before


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