Monday, May 08, 2006

She thinks she missed the train to mars

My apologies for failing to post last week. I continued year two of my liberal oasis tour by hitting up San Francisco for a few days, and have been swamped since my return. But the Linker is chock full of redonkulousness today so I will commence with the linkage.
The guys on this blog have made the discovery of a lifetime. It seems that you can rent former Bullet and Wizznut Gheorghe Muresan to coach your basketball team for a mere $40 per hour. That is a fraction of the price of a plumber, and you get the gentle giant to run your practice, bargain. In the immortal words of Chris Farley -

The Donkies(eys) Basketball team will have to quickly get on this, so that we may get a team picture like the following

If only we could pay to get former Bullets Manute Bol and Muggsy Bogues to also attend it would make the single greatest day in Donkies sports history, and would surely result in a team picture that I would treasure forever.

I don’t know how many of you saw “television’s” Stephen Colbert step up to President Bush and do what millions of Americans have been wanting to do for years, but it was classic, watch it here.

The guy took to the podium, looked straight into Bush’s grill, and proceeded to tell “jokes” that consisted of line after line of comedic takedowns of Bush, and straight-up criticisms of the idiocy and incompetence of Bush’s presidency. As John Stewart said, the guy has STONES, and as others have said, to do it while right up in Bush’s grill is straight GANGSTA.


It is only about a year or so late, but the Redonk Linker has introduced Will to the Arcade Fire and he cant get enough. Now he is actually a cool hipster, maybe in another year or so he can be as cool as these kids on Pancake Mountain
He was only asked for a few minutes with no cell phone interruptions, his response:

You can have it if you want to live in Agora fucking hills, and go to group therapy, but if you want a Beverly Hills mansion, a country club membership, and nine weeks a year in a Tuscan villa, then I'm gonna need to take a call when it comes in at noon on a motherfucking Wednesday
Those words brought to you by another straight gangsta, Ari Gold. Here is a full highlight video of the man himself.

Fortunately, my legal style is a little different from his. Do I lose hipster points for still liking Entourage? Do I give a fuck?
For some reason, this Rob Corddry movie, courtesy of the Upstate Life, looks amazing
If its still running in Arlington, I am there.
This Cheese-Eatin-Surrender-Monkey-Frenchie lays down the smack on high gas prices, and his French ass is correct, so stop whining about the prices.
Listened to while typing this post - the best slow-then-fast pure rock song in history. Hum.
On the plane ride to California, I tore through the book Freakonomics. While some chapters were not the most intriguiging reads the beauty of the format allows you to simply skip to the next essay. After reading the book I stumbled accross the authors’ blog, and if you have also read the book, the blog is a must.

In a couple posts that must be highlighted on this blog the authors compare wives to donkeys. Thats right wives vs. donkeys. Who you got?
Sundance DocDay comes through again. Last night at about 11:30 I started to the movie Overnight, and could not stop until the end of the movie. The doc is basically a drunken movie-length version of Project Greenlight, but one in which Harvey Weinstein is repeatedly referred to in graphic derrogatory terms. The story tracks the making of Boondock Saints, and Troy Duffy's ego as it swells beyond Ari Gold proportions. If you are not a movie buff or don't know what the fuck I am talking about, you can surely skip this movie.
Don’t tell the Republicans, but it looks like Democrats actually DO have an agenda. Democratic leaders have already begun laying out the laws that will be passed in the first couple weeks of Democratic leadership. Hopefully we will take back the house and get to implement them
[Democratic] leaders said a Democratic House would quickly vote to raise the minimum wage for the first time since 1997. It would roll back a provision in the Republicans' Medicare prescription drug benefit that prohibits the Department of Health and Human Services from negotiating prices for drugs offered under the program.

It would vote to fully implement the recommendations of the bipartisan panel convened to shore up homeland security after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Democratic leaders said.

And it would reinstate lapsed rules that say any tax cuts or spending increases have to be offset by spending cuts or tax increases to prevent the federal deficit from growing.
Looks good to me, lets get it on.


At 1:31 PM, Blogger BWS said...

Good post. I like how you take what others have done and then add a little twist. I know a guy who does that except he co-opts the authors whole style. Colbert is funny. Do you think if we pay be Gheorge $50 he will play in the game?

At 6:59 PM, Blogger subcontinental.giant said...

You think for $40 an hour plus drinks, he will go out with us to a bar ?

That Colbert thing was AMAZING !

At 11:20 AM, Blogger rockstarjoe said...

HUM is one of the best bands... I still rock their shit on a weekly basis. Somewhere at home I have this video of them on the Howard Stern show. It is hillarious, because Howard heard the song "Stars" and asked the band to come to the studio to play it. Only, his studio is way too small for a rock band. The drummer could not even fit his drums in the studio, so he and the bass player set up in the hallway. The two guitarists set up their half stacks in the studio and they rocked out. It is one of the most awkwardly funny things I've ever seen... you can tell the guys from Hum want to just pack it up and leave but they know the Stern show is such a big opportunity that they just have to play. I gotta put that junx on youtube for ya... I'll send you a link when I do.


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