Thursday, May 26, 2005

He's back, bitches

He’s back bitches. Now everyone I know can get some new lines to quote

Just remember the words of Maddox, You’re not Dave Chapelle and your not funny

If you think I spelled "you’re" incorrectly, click here

And in more serious news, Priest-in-Chief President Bush has threatened to use his very first veto to defeat a bill that funds stem cell research. It is important that we stop this valuable medical research from continuing? We must protect these embryos that will be discarded, so that they are not used to try to save lives? Culture of life, my ass.

Anybody goin to Bright Eyes tomorrow, AG?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

HTML is for losers

Today’s links:

You’re sitting in your cubicle/office/home office, and reading my blog, this does not make you a rock star

I almost had a plane land on my head a couple weeks ago. Apparently Rumsfailed gave the order to shoot down the tiny Jared-Ellis-style plane that flew into restricted D.C. airspace last week -

Nick and Jessica may have filed for divorce, or E online may have rushed to a story without corroborating their sources. Someone must pay for these journalistic errors.

I wont reach the end of the intornets until I get through all of these:

The redonkulous donkosity begins here

Every day some donkey/donkie/donkette asks me to send some blog links or some interesting websites in order to prevent the requesting donkie from actually having to do work at their chosen occupation. In order to assist my fellow procrastinators and work-avoiders, I will be using this blog to post the daily links to the interesting nonsense I find throughout the internets. I have not yet reached the end of the internets but I am working on it, and I will let all of you know what I find. I will not be able to compose an actual blog with coherent thoughts, as in the old days at the previous job, but I should be able to throw a few links up every now and then and provide some links to the articles that I have written for Donkies soccer, football, kickball. So look forward to reading the bloggy and linky goodness.