Monday, November 20, 2006

Still the pawns in their game

I'll start with a link to a screaming rant that I will call great music, you might laugh at this suggestion and cover your ears, but you’re wrong....I watched the first three hours of “No Direction Home” on DVD this weekend, and now im looking for this generation’s Dylan. Conor may be the closest we have right now, although as Fav pointed out, he does have a Robert Smith/emo/Myspace haircut, which I personally could do without.
"And each new act of war is tonight's entertainment."

This next link is brought to you by a new top 5 rising RDL website and new top RDL sport.
Yes, mixed martial arts or MMA has quickly become a top five SPECTATOR sport for me (im not jumping in any cage and getting punched in the face for fun) surpassing such also-rans as baseball and hockey. In an amazing fight this weekend, Matt Hughes finally lost his welterweight belt to French Canadian Geroges St. Pierre. Thanks to Daily Motion we can watch the whole damn thing for free.

It was a outstanding and dominating performance by GSP as he kicked the crap out of the farmboy, Hughes, who is regarded by many as the best welterweight in the history of the UFC, if not the whole sport.
My recent fixation with MMA begain when I stumbled accross the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter” on Spike TV. Before this show I had no reason to ever tune into Spike TV but its UFC-related programming is strong, and I have since DVR'd all four seasons of the show - and I'm hooked. On the Ultimate Fighter young martial arts fighters compete for a UFC contract, and unlike the Contender, they show one full fight at the conclusion of each and every episode. Not to sound too much like a shill for the UFC, but it is a great show and got me hooked on the entire sport.
Also, according to the great Sports Bog, I am not the only one around here to start digging the MMA. Apparently whenever the Post has a freelance writer draft a blurb about the ultimate fighting championship it quickly becomes the one of the most viewed pages on the entire Yes it is an extremely violent sport, and the same republicans who want to send people to violently die in Iraq will probably try to ban it as too violent, but ignore those clowns and tune in to MMA.
In more traditional sports news, this blog got the third of its 4 wishes of 2 weeks ago (new senate, new house, new qb, new coach) as Boo-nell was replaced at QB this weekend by Jason Campbell. Although the Skins lost again, I can guarantee that not a single Skins fan missed Brunell. The future is Campbell.

Finally, this weekend, the Wizards avenged their seasonpopening loss and beat down the Cavs behind 45 points from Agent Zero. Gilbert would have had 50 if he wasnt pulled in garbage time and he made league-posterboy Lebron look foolish on multiple plays, especially this one. Once again from the Sports Bog I learn that Arenas has a diary/blog, how could you not read something written by Arenas.
Here is some indisputable proof that Fox News is biased, and I mean super-duper-redonkulously-biased. An internal memo from an exec at Fox News instructed the on-air personalities that the Democratic victories of last week are not the end of the world, and how to fight back. This memo instructed the faux-newsers on how to spin the Democratic victory last week in the best possible way for their republican masters, and encouraged the faux-newspeople to hype up the threats to America and to keep inciting fear - as the best way to undercut the Democrats position.

This time, however, the memo was leaked to the Huffington Post, and once again Olberman was all over it on MSNBC. Yes he does a lot of Fox bashing, but they make it so damn easy. The


Here are two of my favorite things coming together, Youtube and a Klosterman article. Despite the great start, the article wasnt as great as it could have been. It starts off with the usual cultural observations that hit the nail on the head.
“YouTube is slightly less popular than oxygen, but it currently has a higher approval rating than wood" and "I'm still mystified as to what compels the average citizen to upload the opening credits of Head of the Class onto a Web site he doesnt own" but ends up spending the second half of the article examining, of all things, guitar virtuousos, and quickly gets less readable. Oh well its still Klosterman and should still be read.

Notice that MMA fight video above I embedded above was not from Youtube. While youtube still remains the king, based upon its sheer volume of videos, some competitors, such as Daily Motion and Veoh have arisen. Granted these alternatives are great mainly because they have not yet been found by the copyright lawyers or evil corporate attorneys, but hey you can still get a bunch of stuff that hasnt been available on You Tube for months.

As far as aggregating top videos from all of the video sites, I still stick to Videosift for my daily video fix. Quality vids are posted more frequently than on this blizzog - check em out.

In what Rex at Fimoculous calls the “verisimilitude of The Office” ...there is a video spreading all over the interwebs of a bank executive attempting to seriously cover U2 while pimping the bank one credit card...the most earnest song about a credit card ever. Anyone could picture Michael Scott or David Brent on the stage here, but this shit was for real. Then, for no apparent reason, the song was covered hipster comedic god David Cross

I have had the Grey Album for over a year but my beloved Videosift introduced me to the Grey Video. Jay-Z and John Lennon - cant beat it.


How far has Kevin Smith fallen. When I was a freshman in college, my suitemate worked at a video store and we got an advance copy of the black-and-white epic “Clerks.” The movie became an instant classic and I we probably watched it 800 times during my four years of college. Hell we might have watched in 36 times in the first week alone, 36!. I was a Smith devotee from that first night and damnit I even loved Mallrats. Recently, however, Smith has come upon some rough times as a director and even put out some horrible family comedy starring fucking Bennifer as parents to annoying ass cute kid. Anyway, it just seems that Smith has never progressed since the early promise of Clerks and this was finally exposed when Smith was forced to put out...wait for it...Clerks 2 (in what must have been more than a decade after the original). Like the characters in the sequel, it seems that Smith was just never able to move on. Randal and Dante have gone from working at the Quick Stop to working at a fast food restaurant, that is progress...and Smith hasnt done much better - ouch.

Anyway Smith has fallen so far in my eyes that I cam accross Clerks 2 on Daily Motion and still havent even convinced myself to watch parts 3 through 4 of the movie. Have I outgrown Smith’s humor or has he actually devolved. Luckly we have Daily Motion so you can be the judge yourself, and the price for the four part series is good - zippy dollars.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


last night's champagne was for the House, tonight's is for the Senate, it's a celebration bitches

Via: VideoSift

Freedom! Have you voted for a Democrat yet today?

First off, stop reading this and go vote for a Democrat.

I have never played Grand Theft Auto, or any other video game in about 10 years. But this commercial is played so many times on comedy central that I get caught singing Phil Collins at full blast throughout my house....damn thing gets stuck in my head even though I’m usually fastforwarding through commercials.
what’s poppin? Isnt that what you guys say? What’s poppin?

Did the postal service make Phil Collins cool aga.....err...for the first time? No not really.

Sheees An Eeeeasy looover
The skins beat Dallas this weekend, for the third time in four tries, no thanks to Mark Poonell, who kept trying to throw the game away. But huge props to Clinton “Janky Spanky” Portis. Are the rumors true that he is celebrating with Deelishis from the Flava Flav show?
Anyway, scroll down that blog post for even more juicy skins gossip, the very worst (and highest paid) safety in the league is dating a pretty monay Playmate
The DC United tailgate was a blast, Bolivian steaks are money, but despite about 90-1 shot advantage, DC couldnt break through and Defeat the NE Revolustion.
According to Cracked, the reason may lie in the fact that jesus was over at Fed Ex field and couldnt make it 5 miles over to RFK in time for the game. Jesus is a winner

If you are still reading the traditional Washington Post sports section online, stop. This DC Sports “Bog” by Dan Steinberg is amazing and links to all the news you need to read from all the local and national media.
What if Democratic media talking-heads decided to stop debating on issues and facts and started trying to act like Republican shills Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, etc. Well Cliff Schecter has decided to take just that position and go on CNN and MSNBC as the Limbaugh of the Left. He decides to use the same idiotic rhetoric that these fools on the right use every day, such as saying Republicans have cut and run on our troops (which they have). Make sure you watch all the way through as he starts calling Republicans perverted pedophiles who are all addicted to drugs. It is all really good and funny stuff, and while Schecter may look a little (ok maybe more than a little) foolish, this is actually what Republican talking heads have been doing for years, and what actually poses as serious commentary when done by Hannity on Fox News...and the media has been somehow respecting them as sentient beings.

This is no different than what Limbaugh, Hannity, etc do every day and yet Limbaugh gets spots on CBS news, and ESPN and Coulter gets on the cover of national magazines and national bestsellers. I wonder if those assholes think it is so funny when it is done back to them. Can we all recognize that this is no way to discuss politics and have everyone debate actual issues....only problem is that Democrats would lose this Schecter guy and Republicans would lose just about every single one of their national media figures.
Oh and you can have your own IM chat with Mark Foley, simply add foleyIMbot to you AOL IM list. HE doesnt log on much anymore, but when he does it is golden.