Friday, July 13, 2007

I saw a Black Flag sticker on a Cadillac.

Now that my treadmill is finally repaired, I have watched a ton of sports on the big screen in these past few weeks, but I have not watched one single minute of the traditional summer sports -- baseball, golf, or tennis. Nope, my summer sports viewing is been shifted to almost all Soccer all the time, and some MMA, and these sports pack 20 times the excitement of a 9 inning baseball nap, or following around Tiger in person.

In just the past couple weeks we have seen USA Soccer’s Gold Cup victory, the U-20 World Cup matches starring Freddy Adu, and DC’s only perennial first place team DC United. The US sent a young inexperienced team to Copa America, with little intent on winning, and yet I still watched all of those games, even in freaking espanol. Thats right, Id rather watch a spanish broadcast of soccer that I don't understand than another Yankees Bosox matchup. Traditional summer sports could not be more dead to me.
Thanks to Goff at the DC Post Soccer Insider blog, I realized that the US-Brazil U-20 game was shown on ESPN last week and Freddy Adu was nothing short of brilliant in beathing Brazil. Not only that, but in the prior game against Poland Adu had racked up a hat trick including this sweet goal.

This week, the U-20s advanced to the final eight in the World Cup in an ugly game against Urugauay, with the best highlight ive seen being the brouhaha at the end. Her is to hoping that ESPN realizes that this is the future of summer sports in the US and the rest of the world cup is shown on channels that people actually receive instead of ESPN-UV or the Ocho.
I am no longer 12 years old, and therefore, unlike the rest of my generation, I have no burning desire to see the Transformers movie. The Gobots movie, however, is a different story. (The only person less interested than me in the transformers is Optimus Prime’s GEICO agent).
In case you were wondering, the iphone does blend.
Bill-O gets his ass handed to him by a 16 year old kid..and obviously it is great viewing
Through the magic of the youtubes, David Cross debates Rudy Guiliani. Do I need to tell you that “Mr.9/11" loses.
via spoony D: 30 Rock Top 10 Moments starring Tracy Morgan
DocLinks continued: Fimoculous finds links to the entire “This Film Is Not Yet Rated” and yet another link to “Sicko” (for now).
In a strange way I am almost glad that Bush pardoned Scooter Libby (commutating is effectively the same as pardoning in this case). It doesn’t really do anything for me if a mega-rich asshole spends 2 years in a country club prison before getting back to his mega-rich country club life. On the other hand, with the pardon out in the open, we get to see the total hypocrisy of the Bush Republicans. If someone opposes lengthy jail sentences for kids caught with marijuana they are soft on crime, but if your friend gets caught obstructing justice ...pardon him. If you are want an “illegal alien” to not be deported you are all about “amnesty” and don’t understand what “illegal” means. But if your friend lies under oath, that is not really that illegal... so pardon him. If someone from one party lies about sex they should be impeached and jailed, if one of your friends lies about the outing of a covert CIA agency and obstructs justice to prevent the facts from coming out...give em a pardon. Give me a freaking break with this “tough on crime” nonsense. Also, watch the republican hypocrisy continue in this video