Sunday, February 25, 2007

Better grab an umbrella

Despite the apparent fandom of American Idol’s Antonella (and her toe), the Terps hung on last night defeat the ACC’s top team, the UNC Tarheels. The win almost certainly cements the Terps entry into the NCAA tournament after a couple of years in the wilderness. Having some sloot from American Idol rock the jersey failed to help out the Heels.

Before you criticize me for knowing about American Idol and Anotella, take a look at the pic above and, more importantly, all of the rest of the NotSafeFordaWork images that are popping up all over the interwebs. My girl watches Idol (for what seems like) four nights a week and this gummy girl is now sure to be a star (on that show or Skinamax). Her name is Anotella Barba, she lives here in DC and goes to Catholic University, but apparently she broke up with her boyfriend after making the Idol final rounds, and the boyfriend is out for revenge - by leaking some money NSFW pics.

Soon after she made the finals pics of Anotella topless on a beach began to surface, but thanks to the tireless reporting of a new pic has leaked oonto that site every few hours since late Friday afternoon, just dont look at work.
I now present you with one of the most high-larry-est IM exchanges in history. He Man is finally forced to lay-off Man-E-Faces and he eventually works up the courage to break it to him over the instant messenger. Good stuff.
According to this news report PacMan "Fever" Jones really shouldn’t have made it rain.
I just started watching the Showtime show “Weeds” online. Pretty good.
Great fight last night (which I watched online today). This guy Gomi is the lightweight champion in Japan’s Pride Fight Championship, where they pack 70 thousand people into stadiums to watch MMA. Nick Diaz is some wacked out American who just likes kickin' ass and happens to be a jiu jitsu champion. After Diaz lost a few controversial decisions in the UFC, he decided he wanted to drop down to lightweight, and for some reason Pride FC gave him a fight with their lightweight champion -- probably in a misguided attempt to embarras the UFC. After getting pounded in the beginning of the first round, Diaz collects himself outpunches Gomi for a few minutes and then breaks out some sick move in the second round called a “google-plata” (or some shit like that) and chokes out Gomi. Check out the video here.
Obama in '08. Sounds good to me.

Monday, February 19, 2007

"I want to eat his children"

Welcome Deadspin readers. During last year’s March Madness, I posted a link to a gif that I found of Coach K biting the head off of a baby. The king of all sports blogs, Deadspin, has now linked to this gif twice, including once last week, accounting for approximately 99.9999% of my 10,000 total readers This site is really just a place where I post interesting and/or stupid links for my friends to read, and I never attempted to achieve any kind of mass readership, or sought links from other blogs. However, if I ever wanted a redonkulous link to be representatve of all redonkulous links, it is hard to top Coach K devouring a live child. Anyway, if you came from Deadspin last week, hang around and drop a comment sometime.
I again ignored the sage advice of Chuck D, and believed the hype on Valentines day last week, by going to one of D.C. finest restaurants, Ten Penh, and overpaying for a pretty good meal.

Meanwhile, the Thighmaster (who is inexplicably included in the Sports Bog’s local Hoops Poll) disregarded said hype and spent the “holiday” at a much more palatable establishment, engaging in an extra-special reservations required romantic Valentines Meal at White Castle.
Too bad this deal does not exist in DC.
This is one of the best collection of Craigslist entries ever. Almost every entry delivered a laugh.
Will wanted me to link to this video his girl Ashley getting profiled by Alison Starling. Who wouldn’t want to get "profiled" by Alison Starling, if you know what I mean. And I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. I don’t mean interviewed, if thats what you thought I meant. Although an interview would be cool too. But I meant a different kind of profiled, if you know what I mean. Right?
Has anyone seen the Norbit previews and not said “What the fuck happened to Eddie Murphy.” The on-going Norbit coverage over at Best Week Ever Blog is top notch.

I endorse the words of Alex Blagg
“The people have spoken, and thus it shall be so: in the future, Eddie Murphy will act in every role of every movie, utilizing the miracle of prosthetics to portray human beings of all different body shapes and sizes (especially hilariously obese - and usually angry - black women) to the delight of moviegoers far and wide. Simply put, we want - nay, demand! - more fat suits - $33.7 million
#2 MOVIE: “Despite having no stars and no significant marketing campaign, simply having the word “Hannibal” in the title of a movie seems to guarantee at least a #2 opening at the box office. Coming next summer: Fat Hannibal, starring Eddie Murphy - $13.4 million

more norbit goodness

And then there was this video from with leather, Martin Lawrence at a basketball game being mistakenly labled by the sideline reporter as the star of Norbit. Come on anonymous sideline reporter, everyone knows that the pride of Roosevelt high school was Big Momma I and II and not the actor skillfully portraying Norbit, geez.

The really funny thing is that this same thing happened at the acedemy awards. Eddie Murphy was being given a lifetime achievement award for Dr. Doolittle 3 and was mistaken as Lawrence by Dame Judy Dench. Dench could not stop raving about Big Momma’s House, even though that was Martin Lawrence and not Eddie. How embarrasing for the academy, the motion picture association, and all of us.
Last week I was asked to stop saving up links and dumping all of the linky goodness in one mega post each week. Apparently this is too much bloggy goodness for some of you to handle, and thus you dont read to the end or drop a comment. Would you rather I go with the standard method of trying to throw up a mediocre post each and every day, or save up a bunch of substandard links into one semi-respectable megapost?

My quesiton to you the reader: A little bit every day, regardless of quality, or a nice respectable collection of crap once a week???? Please drop a comment and let me know your preferred method of blogging.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cheese up in my 40 too

I really don’t have anything against Mexicans or the “Mexican invasion.” Will hot dogs soon be replaced by tacos? Baseball replaced by Soccer? and jim beam replaced by tequila? .....I hope so, tacos are fucking delicious, baseball is more boring than C-span, and jim beam makes me want to puke. So generally I would welcome our new Mexican overlords, but the crap they are pulling on the international soccer stage is starting to piss me off. Great game the other night as Mexico again failed to score on USA soil (or semi-US soil as the game was in Phoenix), however after Landon Donovan put away the clincher in the closing minutes, the Mexican keeper tried some idiotic cleats-up slide to take out Eddie Johnson. Luckily just like on Donovan’s goal, the keeper missed miserably, otherwise I’d be goin to help build that border fence.

Check out the pathetic move at the end of these highlights:

I hate commercials. Hate. I do everything in my, and my DVR’s, power to avoid them. I steadfastly refuse to watch live television, because instead I can watch a one hour show in 40 minutes by waiting 20 minutes and fast forwarding through the commercials. I have pop-up blockers on top of pop-up blockers. In fact, I don’t even think I laughed even once during the few Super Bowl commercials that I actually watched. I was lucky enough to watch the entire first half of Super Bowl on my own personal flat screen 7-inch television on a jet blue flight from Fort Lauderdale, and yet without DVR I still flipped channels instead of watching the commercials (Since everyone around me had the game on, it was incredibly easy to switch channels, see when the action returned, and then flip back to the game).

With all that being said, I actually do enjoy the Geico Caveman that runs 20 times a day on comast sportsnet.

I must admit that I chuckle each and every time he orders the Roast Duck with Mango Salsa. Best Week Ever has found a nice link to the Caveman’s crib and it is pretty hooked-up - take a look. If you look closely you can even find a recipe for the Roast Duck.
Don and Mike come off as such humongous dicks, there is no doubt that they helped in having Peter Rosenberg banished from JFK ....all the way to to DJ’ing at the McDonalds in Adams Morgan.
Hardy har Don Geronimo, laugh it up fucker, Rosenberg has more talent in his ipod than your hack-ass has compiled in 60 years of radio. Don’t believe me? peep the new (sand)Which Boy video tearing up the you tubes

So on Wednesday night with the Wizards game, the USA-Mexico tilt, and the return of Lost I had to keep myself in a little media bubble until Thursday night when I finished watching all three. Sure enough, Lost gave no new answers, but now this video from inside the writers meeting explains it all....oooohhh the smoke monster created the magic turtles
Anyway, I’m (not happy to be) back from the Bahamas. We had a good time brown bagging beers at the Atlantis Hotel in the bahamas, riding scooters around Freeport even when our friends were watching, wearing scooter helments onto the beach, hanging with scuba steve,
watching people make out with stingrays over their heads, hanging on the big boat deck, showing off my skills at cutting a rug, watching the professional photographer coax the girls into holding each others’ arms, and just generally pimping it out on the boat. Great times (all photo credit goes to Spoony D the head paparazzi).