Monday, January 29, 2007

Gootube: A lazy blogger's best friend

I haven’t much time to post lately, and I will be heading to the Bahamas on Wednesday, but I haven’t forgot about you...oh anonymous lurkers of the internets you... and I have done what any lazy blogger should be able to do, hastily throw together a video-heavy post of every gootube flash video and almost every other webside that I bookmarked in the last week (thank you VideoSift queue)

Without further Freddy Adu, I give you:
This amazing video, which shows how our troops are forced to drive in Baghdad just to avoid slowing down and thus getting blown up ...bring them home now

also... Drunken German Midgets Ghostriding a Whip

If this was real I’d jump through all the hoops and sign up immediately

Until that GoogleTV is invented, I am forced to use web based video collections, but at least I keep finding more good ones.

First there was FindthatShow, then I found SimplisticLinks, and now it seems I have hit the motherload with this collection of websites that each collect movies and shows from all over the web. Wow.
From finddashow, The Subcontinental Giant reccomended Red Vs. Blue, but I just didnt have the patience to load each individual three minute movie. Luckily they have been collected on GooTube into hour long seasons..niiice
Atheist genius Richard Dawkins gave a speech in Lynchburg Virginia, home of Jerry Fallwell’s Liberty University, and the question and answer period after the speech was amazing, if you want to see religious questions dismissed deftly and homourously, check the (long) video
Everyone knows there is plenty to mock Ted Kennedy for (he does appear to be the real life Mayor Quimby) but he is spot-on with his outrage in this video. The guy is absolutely right to be angry about Congress’s refusal to raise minium wage...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I am going to continue leading off with the Washington Bullets/Wizards until I am given a reason not to do so. Behind Agent Zero and Caron Butler, the Wizards continue to keep the internet goin’ nutz like Paul Wall. As of this moment they have sole possession of first place in the entire eastern conference, and are ranked as high as three in various power polls.

I was given great seats to last Wednesday’s buzzer beater against the Knicks, and Donkey McDonkerton got us skybox tix for tonight’s sure-to-be-blockbuster game against the streaking Phoenix Suns. This game truly has the net goin nuts as I have seen about 15 articles just this morning, Bill Simmons has already called the Suns the greatest thing since MJ’s Bulls, the Post's Sports Bog has promised a full day of coverage regarding this game. The buzz for this regular season, monday night, meaningless, pre-allstar break, regular season, game is beyond almost any basketball game in this town since Maryland's last National Championship run.
In what Stephen Colbert referred to as the greatest crossover since the Fintstones met the Jetsons, Colbert and Bill O’Reilly appeared on each others shows last week, and it was just weird. It was difficult to tell if O’Reilly even actually realized that Colbert’s whole shtick was to simply mock him It was almost as if Bill-O thought that they were a couple of comedians riffing with each other and not one guy laughing AT the other.

“SC (with a smirk): Its the New York Times Bill! They are haters.
B.O. (deadly serious): “They are. They are scum.”

Here is Colbert on Bill-O, Bill-O on Colbert, and a long interview with Colbert at the Harvard institute of politics, in which he presents them with a framed picture of Bill-O.
This guy was just signed by the UFC and is fighting on Spike TV this week, it may be an exciting fight, but not if someone tries to kiss him before the bell....then its over.

Here is a lengthy video of Ricky Gervais interviewing Larry David, including some highlarious clips from Curb . Comedic geniuses they are.
I have heard rumblings about a local documentary on drug kingpin Rayful Edmonds, and have finally found it online. The re-enacted portions are horrible, part 2 or 8 is missing, a lot of the dialogue is cheesy, and the doc tries way too hard to make Rayful look like a hero, but despite all of that it is pretty entertaining for any resident of DC, at least to hear the stories of Rayful dating moses malone’s girl, closing down Georgetown stores, and hanging at Houston’s in Georgetown. I have yet to watch the whole thing, but if you want to here is your link.
For years we were hearing about all the scary things that those wacky libruls would do if they took over Congress, and I called bullshit from the beginning. Months ago Democrats announced what they would actually do if they actually won IN THEIR FIRST 100 LEGISLATIVE HOURS, and it was the biggest chunk of sensible legislation that I had ever seen - (1) Expanding stem cell research (thus promoting science over extremist religion); (2) Enacting the recommendations of the 911 Commission (I have no freaking clue why the Republicans could never manage to do this); (3) Increasing the minimum wage (the republican congress could only give themselves continuous raises and not the average working Americans they actually worked for); (4) Negotiating for lower prescription drug prices (instead of merely giving subsidies to the big pharmaceutical companies, at least this is a step in the right direction); (5) Cutting interest rates on Student Loans (I am personally grateful for this one); and (5) Ending subsidies for big oil and investing in renewable energy (these, again, are no-brainers).

Well if you look over at the checklist on Stenny Hoyer’s website you can see that the Democrats were successful in passing all five of these measures, but not in 100 hours...soner. The clock is now at 40 hours and all 5 items are marked off the checklist, by my math that is actually less than half the time predicted to pass everything. Wow, politicians who actually go above and beyond their promises- isnt that a change.

Monday, January 15, 2007


If was not great enough, Fimoculous has uncovered Simplistic Links, a website that does findthatshow one better by also including FULL LENGTH MOVIES.
Although most of the movies are of the youtube variation and thus broken down into 10 minute segments, it is still full of great stuff. As an example, Here is the entire Borat movie which I have yet to watch.
Some of the other Donkies(eys) and I have a yearly tradition of cutting out of work at 1:00 on MLK day to catch the Zards matinee game...but never before has it quite paid off like this... the “Takeover Season” continued today for Agent Zero as another Daggger was dropped. Gil Zero did it again droppin over 50 points on the formidable Utah Jazz and more importantly draining another deep three pointer at the buzzer to give the Wiz yet another win.

In the mid 90's HTS style - “Agent Zero - you da man you da man”

At the last UFC pay-per-view, Chuck Lidell surprised few by KnockingTFO of Tito Ortiz and retaining the light-heavyweight belt, but the big news to me was the signing of the second best heavyweight in the world, Pride’s Mirko Cro Cop – a beast straight out of streetfighter...check it out below:

From one of the best fighters , here is Deadspin’s choice for the worst sports fight ever, and I cannot disagree.
Tons of good NFL games this weekend, but the highlight for everyone I watched the game with was the featuring of the "Fuck Da Eagles" girl on national TV...who didnt rewind their tivo for that, fuck da eagles indeed.
Since the last Iraq-centric post, Bush has announced his long awaited decision to “surge” more troops into Iraq. This is not just opposed by Democrats but by almost all reasonable people.

I watched another AMAZING Iraq documentary this weekend, Operation Dreamland, in which they followed about 10 of our troops during their time in Fallujah. While I havent been able to find the whole thing online yet, I did find this scene in which we get a glimpse as to how the soldiers are berated once they make it known to their superior officers that they do not plan to re-enlist.... "you’re gonna be sittin on the street homeless in a cardboard box". Riiiight.

The only argument left for the surge is that if we pull out of Iraq all kinds of horrible things could happen in the neighborhood including a region-wide Sunni vs. Shia war possibly involving Iran, Syria, and even Turkey. While this superficially sounds like a reasonable justification to support the President’s plan, the problem is that while this escalation throughout the region may occur if we leave, Bush’s plan to put in 25,000 more troops will not prevent it from occurring. Meanwhle, and more of our people will keep dying while we delay the innevitable. In fact, this “surge” only puts our troop level back to the same point it was a few years ago and will not reverse our fortunes in Iraq. The best that this surge can do is delay any potential disastrous consequences for a few months or years, while we continue to lose more and more American lives while we wait, and that is unacceptable.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The swag is truly phenomenal

SPORTS SECTION (and entertainment)
I know this blog is starting to sound like a broken record of man-fandom (nh) but Agent Zero did it AGAIN last night. I know I blogged about Arenas when he used Lebron, when he dropped 60 Kobe, and when he lit up Nash and Phoenix for 50 more, but he found another way to amaze last night. With no time on the clock and the game tied, Gil casually pulled up on another 30 footer, drilling the shot, turning his back to “get his swag on” before the ball even went through the rim, and avenging the Wizards only recent loss to the bucks....phenomenal is right

So this is ANOTHER 30-foot DAGGER from Zero our Hero. Like Gil said he is “8 for 8" on those shots this year, and he doesnt know why we are surprised anymore. Arenas is now the most exciting player I can ever remember in this town - hands down.

Anyone, have an Arenas Express Card, I need a hookup to his birthday bash tomororw, which has its own WEBSITE Arenas Express Dot Com.

Finally the national media is starting to take notice of Gil and the Wiz as they are now the #1 team in the East according to the ESPN power rankings, and still in 1st place in the division
I have been calling bullshit on bottled water for years. I’m down with the convenience of the plastic bottles, but you cant convince me that the stuff actually tastes better and therefore needs to be bought from Pepsi and Coke. Instead just buy one bottle of water and refill that bitch with tap water. Anyways, Lewis Black says it all much better than I could

A couple years ago, Penn and Teller actually did the work in calling people on this bullshit, as they filled expensive glasses with hose water, and passed it off as delicious pure spring water. Catch it here.
Politics/Entertainment (all rolled into one)

Here are some more full-length documentaries that you can watch online

Jesus Camp
What: Documentary on a youth pastor who trains a flock of young christian warriors as they prepare to become good evangelical Christian soldiers. No narrator or side commentary needed, this is some scary stuff. Actually a great comedy, horror movie, and drama rolled into one
Highlight: Hard to pick a highlight when there are sooo many bat-shit-crazy-scenes that your held may start spinning. A few of the best were:
- The Kids literally being told that Harry Potter should be put to death under Biblical law “Had it been in the old testament, Harry Potter would have been put to don’t make heroes out of warlocks”
- Praying to G.W.Bush, yes ....President ....Bush -
- Ted Haggard making another guest appearance to bash gays (yes the same Haggard that was caught buying crystal meth from his gay prostitute

The BBC’s Weird Weekends with Louis Theroux Documentary -
Black Supremacists

What: Some crazy British MoFo comes to New York and decides to meet with black-power leaders on the week after Diallo was murdered by a bunch of NYC cops
Highlight: Going into the inner sanctum of Black Israelites. Its like some wacked out Wu Tang shaolin fantasy gone terribly wrong and played out in real life.

Baghdad ER
What: I actually saw this doc. on HBO. It simply focuses on one emergency room in Bagdhad as the injured come rolling in and out.
Highlights: There are no fucking highlights. This is just awful heartbreaking stuff.
Whit the news that Bush may be pushing for an additional surge, these types of documentaries must be watched by everyone. When the General’s don’t want a surge, the public doesnt want a surge, the troops don’t want a surge, and the Iraq study group called for a withdrawal, why would we want more and more of this Baghdad ER footage.

Once again, Olberman spits hot fire about this so-called “surge”

Why We Fight
What: Brilliant documentary exploring our military industrial complex and how it fuels our views on when, why, and how we fight wars. Maybe this explains the surge.
Current TV
When nothing good is recorded on my DVR (which is rare) I find myself watching Current TV more than anything else. The channel is basically a bunch of 5 to 10 minute documentaries, and a few other pods that rotate on a random playlist. It sounds pretty bad, but for my short attention span self it is great stuff.

In the past week or so I have watched pods on the World Series of Beer Pong, China, a Crab Shack in Baltimore, Saddam, a cartoon invloving Kim Jong Il and Jackass, a Somalian gun bazaar, and Dubai (by the way, Dubai is fucking nuts)